Mar 202012

Check out our Notacon 9 badge support site!

I’m happy to announce that the specifications of the Notacon 9 badge are good to go!  We are publishing this information so that everyone who wants to hack away at it will have an opportunity to bring whatever tools, parts and gear necessary.

Jeff “Kraln” Katz, along with aestetix and  milosch from the OpenAMD project were working with us to deploy their project at Notacon 9.  Unfortunately, after a lot of work on everyone’s part, Notacon simply didn’t have the budget to go ahead with the project.  Kraln, though, vowed that one way or another, Notacon 9 would have a kick ass badge.  In my view, he succeeded.

The design goals for this years badge were simple:

  • Lower the barrier to entry for participants and give them the power to have their newly build badge do nifty things almost out-of-the-box once built.
  • Provide avenues for hackers and experiments to expand the badge and explore the full capabilities of the design
  • Easily plug in to a USB port
  • Keep costs low so that we here at Notacon can actually make it happen!

To facilitate this, there will be 2 VERSIONS of the Notacon 9 badge.  Both versions have the same general functionality.  The novice version has fewer solder points and simpler power input.  Thus, it will be much easier to put together.  The advanced version has the same processor, LEDs and other gadgets, but utilizes a more complicated (and flexible!) power input system that, for all intents and purposes, turns your badge into a Minty Boost.  Yes, it is possible to put your badge together to charge your cell phone.  Very handy at hacker cons.

Anyway, here are some of the features:

  • PIC based 8-bit processor (PIC18F14K50-IP) with USB support
  • Powered off of either standard 9V or AAA cells (depending on which version you get)
  • Electret microphone
  • Mini USB port (make sure to bring a cable!)
  • 4 bright blinky LEDs

In addition, for a nominal charge, we are also putting together a totally optional parts kit to help you extend your badge.  This kit will include a quality Mylar piezoelectric speaker and a pair each of yellow, green and orange LEDs.


All badge specs and designs are released by Jeff Katz under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.

I hope you enjoy building and working with this year’s badge.  A lot of effort went into it on the part of Jeff Katz, as well as members of the Notacon community such as pjustice, melstav and Sam.  Without them, this project would not have happened!  Thanks guys!

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