Jun 152013

We want to thank everyone for their support so far in our sponsorship fundraiser! Some of you have come through in a big way to make sure that Notacon can continue and morph into an even better event. We’re close to our main goal of covering our bills for Notacon 10! Talks with our new venue continue and we’re close to signing a contract as soon as we’re certain we can afford to do so.

However, we still need your help! Right now we need about $1,000 to help cover the last of the bills and make sure we have enough cash on hand to open up pre-reg and cover our bills for a month or two. You can help out right now by going to Nerd’s Nook and purchasing a sponsorship package.

If you’d like something tangible for your money, and as a reminder that every sale at Nerd’s Nook helps Notacon, we’re offering a coupon that saves you 30% off any order of $20 or more!  Simple use the coupon SAVENOTACON at checkout!

To see our progress to our primary goal, please see the Notacon home page!

Thanks again!

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