Aug 132013

We are excited to announce that we are actively planning a Notacamp theme camp at the Mosaic Experiment event in Southern Ohio from October 3rd through October 6th, 2013.

What is the Mosaic Experiment event?  It is, ” a four-day event inspired by the Burning Man festival. Everything is organized, built and paid for by volunteers with their own resources. There are no trash cans, so you’ll have to pack your trash out with you. There are no vendors, so you have to bring enough food, drink and whatever else you need for four days. There are no schedules or rules, so you’ll have to make things happen yourself and respect your neighbor.”

Sound like fun?  We do, too!

For our theme camp, we have the following goals:

– Have at least 5 or 6 campers able to assist with and be part of camp activities

– Provide a comfortable place for us and other participants to learn, relax and share ideas regarding technology, music and community.  Conveniently, Notacon is already in possession of an 4v steel geodesic dome frame that is 18′ in diameter.  In addition, we have upholstered benches that and weather resistant.

– Cook communal meals for all campers and other interested participants.  We share costs, share tasks and share recipes so all of us can try different foods!

– Work on possible projects such as a low power FM station, LED light boards, EL wire and other fun techy stuff.

– Actually find some time to relax for 4 days!

In addition, this event is KID FRIENDLY provided you are responsible at all times for your little ones.  Since this is a “roughing it” event, you are expected to bring in all of your own food, water, shelter, power, etc. and, as stated, take out ALL of your trash.

If you’re interested, please contact as soon as possible.  For more information about Mosaic, please see their website

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