Mar 132014

Charlotte DeKoning will present on A Brief Introduction to Game Theory at Notacon 11.

Aside from what you do for your job, what are your hobbies, hacking projects or other interests that Notacon participants might be interested in learning about you?

My hobbies are many and varied. I love crafting and making art. Lately I’ve been making jewelry (see my Etsy shop at, doing some embroidery and needlework, and painting. I also love tinkering with electronics. My husband and I spend our second date building a robot ladybug together. I also enjoy reading and playing games of any sort – board, video, tabletop, or otherwise!

What is the biggest takeaway you want presenters to leave with?


What have you enjoyed the most at past Notacons?.

My favorite part of past Notacons has been the hackerspace. I love tinkering with my badge and playing with circuits! The other special interest areas are always really fun too – and of course it’s not Notacon without Notacon Radio!

Any final thoughts or statements you’d like to share with the community?

Don’t forget to follow Wheaton’s Law, and it’ll be a great time!

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