Mar 142014

grecs will present on Malware Analysis 101 – N00b to Ninja in 60 Minutes at Notacon 11.

Aside from what you do for your job, what are your hobbies, hacking projects or other interests that Notacon participants might be interested in learning about you?

I run in the evenings. It provides news, resources, and events for security pros in
the Northern Virginia, DC, and Southern MD areas.

What is the biggest takeaway you want presenters to leave with?

How easy it is for almost anyone to do some basic malware triage… Yeah, you are not going to analyze the really advanced stuff but at least you’ll know when to hand it off to the big guns.

Is this your first time at Notacon? If so, tell us what you look forward to the most.

 Yes. As with most security cons I attend, I am looking forward to three good talks a day (ask me about this). And of course lobby/bar-con to catch up with old friends and make new ones…

Any final thoughts or statements you’d like to share with the community?

Do it!

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