Mar 242011

Tyger and I (well, mostly I) have been scheming for a number of years now on a new project. However, this project would require us to obtain use of a fairly substantial piece of rural property (20 acres or more) for a week or so. Some of you may see where this is going.

The problem is, we’re city folk, and our .09 acre postage stamp lot just won’t fit the bill for what we have in mind. Thus, we are interested in hearing from individuals who would be willing to let us temporarily use/rent their land for a week or so. Preferably it would have the following attributes:

  • 20+ acres
  • Be in such a location that lots of noise wouldn’t cause a problem with the neighbors or Johnny Law.
  • Semi-wooded
  • Accessible via public roads w/o requiring using of a 4×4
  • Have access to potable water

As an added bonus, these features would be nice but not necessary:

  • Access to 100A of electricity
  • On-site bathrooms and shower facilities
  • Lake or other water feature
  • FREE!!! (or damn cheap)

We are looking to pull this project off late in the summer or early in the fall of 2011. If you think you might be able to help us, or know someone who does, please contact either me or reply to this entry.

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