Apr 102009

Here we are late Thursday night, and it’s time to count down the last seven days to Blockparty.

What is Blockparty? Well, it’s an event held during Notacon which represents one of the main events of the year in the “demoscene”, a decades-old tradition of showing your creative and programming skills in all manner of computer-based platforms. (And some non-computer platforms as well, but we’ll get to that…) This year will be the third Blockparty held in conjunction with Notacon, as a partnership to bring this unique and fun event to life.

The article I linked to in the previous paragraph is a very good overview of what “the demoscene” is, and has a lot of links and information about it. And if you go to Pouet or Micksam7’s Capped.TV or the top-flight Demoscene.tv, you can let hundreds of demoscene productions wash over you, amazing them with the talent and effort.

But this is not about that.

This is about you and your entry.

Maybe you didn’t know you were going to submit an entry to one of Blockparty’s  many competitions. Maybe you thought it’s too late and you were considering it, but aren’t sure what you could do.

Well, it’s time to push that self-doubt out and away.

Last year’s winner in the wild competition featured two people who hadn’t met before Notacon/Blockparty and who had never worked together: George Sanger and Jeri Ellsworth. Now they have a regular show together and do all sorts of projects.

Several entrants last year had us as their first demoparty; Sigflup comes to mind, and is now a presenter at this year’s Notacon.

At the event, we’ll be having a great democoders’ lounge, run by our artist in residence Inspired Chaos, to place you among the top sceners in the continent. This is your time to pick up that idea you’ve had, run with it, and get your work seen onstage by hundreds of people next April 18th.


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