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The Rock Band competition will be a full band, 4player competition. It will be a single song of your choice from a pre-set list (all with similar score ranges). Each instrument can be any difficulty. There will be three prizes available, and the bands that win must be present at the end to accept their award:

Highest Score

Simple enough, just get the highest combined score. Harder difficulties have more notes available, long streaks and combined Overdrives push scores into the stratosphere. **

Rockingest Band

Rockingest Band is in the true spirit of Rock Band – having fun and rocking out! Windmills, freestyle vocals, and drumstick twirling are encouraged. The band that impresses the panel of Notacon judges the most will win this award, and crowd reaction will be considered. Show us your inner rock star!

** The band that wins Highest score will NOT be eligible for Rockingest Band, so come compete and have fun, even if you know you’re not the best.

Best Band Name

In addition, we’ll be giving a small prize to the band with the name that amuses us the most, subject to the whims of the Notacon judges. All bands are eligible, including winners of the previous two prizes.

The Rock Band competition will start 1pm on Saturday. Signup sheets will be available in the game room, and players MUST sign up by noon. You can signup as a full 4person band, or as a subset/single person, and we’ll do our best to do matchups, with no guarantees (it’s best to talk to your fellow Notaconers before-hand and get a group together).

Signup space WILL be limited, so get in quickly!

Rules updates will be posted on the events page and in the game room.

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