Apr 132009

The Blockparty prizes are now dropping into place, and the competition page is starting to grow with them.  The heart of the demoscene is doing it for the glory, not the prizes, but your time is valuable. And so, if possible, we like to reward your hard work with ample prizes.

Therefore, we’re announcing a new prize for the main demo competition that has almost never happened before: If you win the demo competition, you go home with the machine the competition ran on!

At roughly $1000, this is quite the prize. Be sure to check out the competition rules page for information on entering and what you have to do and the specifications of your machine. Also, the other competitions are getting additional prizes this week.

Competition-winning demos have been written in less time than this, and staying up crazy amounts of hours to carve out an entry has a long and storied history in the demoscene. Get coding and creating!

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