Jun 252011

I’m happy to say that the media for Notacon 8 is now online at http://notaconmedia.com/2011media.shtml I want to thank everyone for their patience as I worked through all of the media to get it ready for release. I chose to use MP4 as the video format of choice and OGG as the audio format. As a reminder, all of the media is being released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

Before you start scarfing it down either via torrent or direct download, I want to let everyone know why there is an inconsistent quality between many of the items.

It turns out that our video recording setups, in particular the one in Edison I, were incredibly problematic and produced numerous technical difficulties. In particular it was difficult if not impossible for the person working the cameras and boards to get accurate readings on the audio levels in the rooms. Hence, some of the videos were recorded with the audio being barely audible, while in others the audio consistently “clipped” and was essentially too loud. In many videos, the presenter was inaudible, while people asking questions on the roaming mikes were too loud.

I did my best to personally hand edit and tweak every one of the files. On some of them, I believe I did a reasonably good job. On others, I feel I was lucky to get anything salvageable at all. In a few rare cases, the media was completely unusable (Joe Peacocks “Art of Akira” and Charlie Vedaa’s “Game on! Building an online hacker playground”) I want to sincerely apologize to both presenters for not being able to produce recorded copies of their presentations.

I have already spoken with the video recording crew and we are all working on solutions to prevent problems like those we had this year. As a reminder, this is a volunteer effort. 🙂

Thanks again for supporting Notacon and look towards the launch of our new website (Ooooo), Call for Proposals (Say it isn’t so!) and Registration (I can’t wait to send you guys money!) in the very near future.

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