Jul 232011

Preparations are now underway for Notacon 9, which will take place April 12th through 15th, 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Hilton Garden Inn.  Our great experience last year at the new hotel gave us a lot of ideas in regards to improvements in our layout, organization and traffic flow.    In addition, we are going to expand our events and programming as well.  Of course, PixelJam will return, with a totally revamped set of competitions and prizes.

As of today, call for proposals are open, so please start thinking about yours!  We are seeking out even more cutting edge presentations, workshops and performances.  If you build, break, hack stuff or philosophize about doing so, we want to hear from you!  We are bending our rules this year to find people who really have new and innovative projects and ideas.  As a reminder, please read our guidelines this year, as they are different than last years.

Finally, registration for the event is now live.  Save money and register early!  Prices are unchanged from last year.  Remember, Notacon is focused on and primarily funded by you!  Your registration enables us to plan and prepare.  We need to spend tens of thousands of dollars months in advance to ensure a smooth running event.

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