Mar 102012

In a rapid-fire presentation geared towards getting even the security novice up to speed quickly, Rick Deacon’s presentation entitled, “Minute Man: All I Need is 60 Seconds” aims to do just that.

Who do you feel would benefit most from your presentation?
Security minded individuals who may not do it as a career or a day job.

What one concept or viewpoint would you like Notacon participants to walk away with?
A solid basic knowledge of the state and view of security, currently.

When did you become interested in hacker culture and hacker conferences?
7th grade – 1999ish.

What other passions do you have, besides those covered in your presentation?
Entrepreneurship, business, cars and music.

What excites you most about Notacon 9?
The ability to see all my Cleveland friends in security!

Any final thoughts or statements you’d like to share with the community.

<3 Notacon

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