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The Basics

Notacon will take place from Friday April 23rd through Sunday April 25th 2004 at the Holiday Inn Select Cleveland - City Center Lakeshore located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The conference will run from Friday through Sunday. The event is being run by volunteers not only from Cleveland, but also from other parts of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and numerous other states.

Notacon will present three unique tracks of talks:

  • Technical talks (computers, networks, security, robotics, radio, commentary, etc.)
  • Creative talks (art, performance, presentation, commentary, history, etc.)
  • Impromptu / Birds of a Feather
All three tracks will run concurrently. Activities will be available throughout the conference which may include, but are not limited to:
  • Music :
    A selection of fine live performers as well as DJs will provide the sonic backdrop upon which Notacon will be painted. Most musical acts will perform in the evening, but due to the fluid nature of the event, music may spring up at anytime during the event.
  • Conference network :
    We intend to have both a wired and wireless network covering the hotel (no plans are currently in progress to have an up-link due to prohibitive cost, technical issues and realization that it will likely be abused and not working most of the time anyway.)
  • Movies :
    We plan on screening (legally) many different full-length features as well as other oddities. Suggestions are always welcome on our mailing lists! We are especially interested in screening films made by our attendees.
  • Games :
    Numerous games and "game shows" with real prizes that people might actually want to win (and some that will hopefully give you more laughs than anything else).
  • Contests :
    A few contests will run the length of the con, making sure that you'll always have something to keep your mind on. These might include aspects of wardriving, geocaching, scavenger hunt, constructing, mixed media, coding, etc.
  • Social hour :
    Let's face it, one of the best parts of these kinds of events is the social interaction. Sit back at the bar with some new friends or enjoy numerous lounge locations located around the hotel. Hang around in the network room and listen to one of the DJs or simply chill outside and have a smoke.
  • Explore Cleveland :
    The hotel is situated near some very prominent Cleveland landmarks, all of which are with walking distance or a very short bus ride. If you're into sports, check out one of Cleveland's professional sports teams. The Science museum, Rock and Roll hall of fame, a vintage WWII submarine, as well as other interests are right next door. Some "landmarks" which may not be of interest to most folk may prove interesting to you and your crew (Mmm.. major telecom providers). Numerous perks, coupon books and other incentives to area establishments will also hopefully be available. Also, Cleveland's Warehouse district, home to numerous dance clubs, bars and restaurants is a short jaunt away.



  • $60 per person
  • $30 for students (Students must be able to provide a valid student ID card with picture)
Regular admissions (both regular and student) must be paid in CASH the day of the event. We will NOT accept checks, traveler's checks or credit cards at the event!

Registrations will be available starting at 9 AM on Friday, maybe some on Thursday if you get in early if you want to avoid lines.

Note: Students MUST either be able to present a valid student ID with current picture or documentation proving their current (as of Spring 2004) educational status as well as photo ID.

Persons needing receipts for the purposes of reimbursement MUST make their request at the time of registration as no requests for receipts will be honored after the attendee has bought his or her badge and left the registration table.

Logistics and Travel

Go here for directions and travel information

This page gives some basic directions to the hotel as well as other stuff travelers might need to actually attend Notacon. Information about RTA schedules and suggestions is also listed for locals so that they can avoid the hassle of parking downtown or at the hotel

The Hotel

The Holiday Inn has been kind enough to provide us with an extraordinarily competitive rate $75 per night for out block of rooms as well as reduced parking at a rate of $5 per day. The webpage says $14, but our contract states (and I have confirmed with the hotel) a rate of $5 per vehicle. They have extended this conference price to include the three days before and three days after the event, offering travelers wishing to take an extended Spring break the opportunity to save a lot of money if they wish to stay in Cleveland a few extra days.

The initial blocking for Notacon is 60 rooms and is good through April 1st. After April 1st, rooms in the block may be issued to others on an as-needed basis. Please book your room soon to make sure you can take advantage of this low rate! Booking outside of the block will result in a much higher cost, so please plan accordingly. Both smoking and non-smoking rooms are available. Capacity for rooms with a single bed is 2 person. Rooms with two beds have a capacity of up to 5 person.

To book your room on line, please use this link and under "Group Booking Code", use, "NOT" for this event. You may, alternatively, book rooms by calling 1-800-HOLIDAY. Again, be sure to give them your booking code. PLEASE NOTE: The parking rate of $14 listed is WRONG. I have confirmed with the hotel that the rate is in fact and will remain $5 for pre-registrations. Blame bad software for their inability to change it for us :)

Logistics and Travel

Information for Presenters, Musicians and Artists

If you are presenting or performing at Notacon, the organizers have put together a set of webpages designed to answer your questions as they relate to your presentation or performance.