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Notacon Call for Proposals

Showcasing the talent of technical and creative people

Date : Friday April 23rd through Sunday April 25th, 2004
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Our Call for Proposals is now closed. we will no longer be accepting new proposals for Notacon this year.

Important Dates

  • Proposals Due: March 12, 2004, 5:00 PM (Now closed)
  • Notifications: March 26, 2004
  • Actual Conference: April 23 through April 25, 2004


    Notacon is dedicated to exploring the interesting uses of computers and technology, focusing on as much the technical aspects as well as the philosophy and art that make up our modern culture. It is an attempt to break the mold of the typical computer/network security convention by combining all elements of our culture, including those that are not by their nature technical at all. The aim is to move past the mechanics and into the philosophy and beauty of technology while still keeping the event grounded and relatively the same spirit and vein as other events.

    Notacon will be held Friday, April 23rd, through Sunday, April 25th, 2004 at the Holiday Inn Select Cleveland - City Center Lakeshore, Ohio, located near the waterfront in Downtown Cleveland. There will be three tracks of material:

    Events will run concurrently and constantly throughout the conference. There will also be birds-of-a-feather gatherings announced at the conference in line with the impromptu track. Presenters may also be interested to know what we will provide in terms of support and also some of the perks that go along with presenting

    We intend to:

    • Provide an innovative and relevant series of technical talks/presentations
    • Provide a stimulating set of artistic/creative talks/presentations
    • Find a middle ground between the two
    • Provide a new voice for individuals who might not have had an appropriate forum like this to present their work.
    • Provide a forum for displaying both technical and artistic achievements related to technology and computers.
    • Provide a "party-like" atmosphere while still maintaining a true community-like spirit of self-governance and moderation.

    Artistic Track

    What we are looking for

    We are looking for new, innovative and creative acts, presentations or works of art for the conference. Specifically, works or pieces that either incorporate technology in some way or make a statement about it. Anything with a flare for cutting-edge look or feel, or for the avant-garde is desired. You will be performing, showing and presenting alongside a series of technical talks with topics ranging from computer and network security to aspects of community in a technological culture.

    All presentations should be kept to a maximum of 50 minutes, strictly enforced. If you feel you will need more time, please let us know when submitting your proposal.

    All artistic entries will also be juried by a small panel of judges. Prizes will be awarded to the most innovative and interesting works. Entries are not limited to any particular medium, but certain sub categories may be created if interest in one particular area becomes apparent.

    Artists are also welcome to sell any of their art works at the event and will be assigned space to do so for free on a first-come, first serve basis. Please indicate your desire to vend your pieces when submitting your entry

    Some examples of performances/showings/presentations we intend to focus on include:

    • Musical acts (Live PAs, DJs, computer generated music, etc.)
    • Photography (both digital and analog)
    • Commercial media, consumer advertising, culture jamming
    • New and non-traditional media
    • Digital and electronic works or installations
    We will also entertain proposals dealing with other subjects such as:
    • Performance arts (dialogs, monologues, non-vocal performance art, avant-garde, etc.)
    • Sculpture
    • Painting
    • Films (digital or traditional, documentary to computer-generated psychadelia)
    • Discussions in regards to the co-mingling of technology and art
    • The history of technology in art
    • The absolutely, positively bizarre

    Artists and performer as encouraged, if appropriate, to also be prepared to talk on their piece and how it fits into the bigger picture in regards to the community present.

    These are just a small slice of what is desired. We are expecting the unexpected, so please share with us your idea no matter how "out there" it may be. The only constraints are those of the venue as well local, regional and federal laws. We also ask artists for avoid excessive profanity and obscenity as there may be visitors to the conference under 18 years of age. The organizers really would hate the see their party shut down.

    How To Submit

    All entries should be sent to Everyone submitting should include at least one page on how they feel their work can be incorporated into the whole that is this conference. Please include your real name as well as an email address by which you can be contacted. This is in addition to a background on yourself, as well as discography, performance resume, etc. where appropriate.

    Be prepared to be able to give a brief presentation on their work and be prepared to take questions and answers.

    Musicians: Please send email either with a URL containing your material in MP3 or OGG format or to get a mailing address where you can send a CD.

    Performers : Please send email either with a URL containing your material in MPG, WMV or QuickTime format or to get a mailing address where you can send a VHS tape, VCD or DVD with your material may send in video.

    Medium artists : Please send a URL to photographs (digital). Real photographs may be submitted to the committee, please email for further instructions.

    All of the above information should be sent in a single email to If you need to submit anything non-electronically, email us and request a mailing address or arrange some means of getting the material to us.

    If your presentation involves any medium which could in any way damage the venue, you must let us know what preventative measures we can take together to prevent this damage. Please avoid presentations that utilize:

    • Volatile, dangerous or otherwise hazardous chemicals.
    • Weapons
    • Flames, fire or explosives
    • Bodily fluids
    • Obscenity or undue vulgarity
    • Nudity
    • Illegal drugs
    • Anything else illegal or unduly dangerous

    However, aside from obscenity and nudity, your work or presentation may certainly discuss and deal with these subjects in an appropriate manner. I.e., you talk about guns, blood and violence, but please don't whip out an AK, spray the audience with bullets and then set fire to the hotel. This is bad form and will likely get you ejected from the hotel without reimbursement. Please remember that some members of the audience may be under the age of 18. Likewise, we will discourage pieces that are extraordinarily heavy or immobile such that housing the exhibit would put undue strain on the organizers.

    Technical Track

    We welcome proposals for talks or presentations on a wide range of topics. Presentations will be 50 minutes long each, strictly enforced. Sample topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Network Security Infrastructure
    • Systems Security Penetration
    • New Security Technologies
    • Code / Programming Security
    • Novel Uses of Technologies
    • Applications of Technology in the Realms of Art and Music
    • Technology/Computer/Hacker Culture and History
    • Interesting and Fun Uses of Technology (wardriving, geocaching, etc.)
    • Radio (Lower power FM, Amateur)
    • Robotics / Battlebots
    • Advanced Graphics / Demo scene
    • Good introductory talks
    • Community based technical cooperatives or consortium
    • Scholarly analysis of technology
    • The Absolutely, positively bizarre

    How to Submit

    If you are interested in presenting at Notacon, please send an email to Please include:

    • Your REAL name and any handle you want to be known or referred to as. Please let us know if you would only publicly like to be referred to by your handle.
    • A brief (1 to 3 paragraph) biography as it pertains to your proposal.
    • Brief description / abstract of what you would like to talk about.
    • An email address you can be contacted at.
    As stated previously, we will notify you by March 26th in regards to whether or not your presentation has been accepted.

    Impromptu Track

    The impromptu track will be exactly what it sounds like -- impromptu. Nothing will be pre-planned for this track. There will be a sign-up available at the conference. Feel free to sign up to talk about any topic you feel would be interesting to other conference attendees. This track is open to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis. Although conference organizers reserve the right to veto impromptu track suggestions, we will be very lenient and hope to let this track evolve into whatever the conference attendees would make it.

    What We Will Provide For Presentations

    Anyone chosen to participate as a presenter or artist at this conference must be prepared to provide Audio/Video equipment if the we at the conference venue and are not planning on already providing it.

    We intend on providing, at a minimum the following:

    • DVD and CD player
    • LCD projector
    • Projection screen or sheet
    • Whiteboard and markers or other appropriate writing surface
    • Microphone and line-in as well as small PA system
    • The ability to lock up all art in the evenings to prevent theft. (However, the organizers of the conference will not accept responsibility should something happen. You will be required to sign a waiver.)

    Admission and "extras" for individual speakers, artists and performers

    Individual speakers, artists and performers will be given complementary admission to the conference and one reduced priced admission for one companion. Admissions for groups/brands will be considered on an individual basis.

    Please remember that there will be many other exciting events taking place and encourage everyone to stay with us the weekend to join in the festivities. Games with prizes, contests, movies, live music, etc. will be available throughout the weekend at no additional charge. Perhaps the best "extra" will be opportunities to mingle with other attendees. Anyone into social networking and/or community building is encouraged to stay out of their hotel rooms! Likewise, discounts and coupons will be available for attractions in and around the Cleveland area. There will also be a con network so feel free to bring computers, demos, etc.

    Speakers and presenters will also be given badges different from regularly attendees to denote them as valued members of our little gathering.


    Registration will be on Friday evening at the front desk. Speakers and presenters should bring their confirmation numbers with them for quick registration.

    All talks/presentations/performances will be audio and/or videotaped as appropriate and as funding permits. Anyone that does not wish for their presentation to be recorded must let the organizers know at least one week prior to the beginning of the event. A presenter's willingness or unwillingness to have his or her presentation recorded will not affect the choice of the committee for deciding what presentations are selected.

    Presenters must furnish their own laptops.