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Last Updated : 3/25/2004 2:29 PM

Musicians and DJs listed are currently confirmed as of attending. Numerous others are still pending. If you are interested in performing, please check out the relevant section for musicians and artists on our Call For Proposals page.

A full DJ set up including a pair of Technics turntables and DJ quality mixer will be available as well as PA system. All DJs will be required to bring their own needles as there will be no needles provided by the organizers.

Musicians & Bands


Musicians & Bands

Computo Resistance through Audio Weapons Boston
Drum & Bass, Jazz, Downtempo, Dub, Glitch
Originally from the Cleveland area, Computo is a solo Live PA/Laptop music performance, sliding around through such styles as Drum'n'Bass, Jazz, Downtempo, Dub and Glitch. Performing almost exclusively original material, Computo centers his performance around an Apple G4 Powerbook, running a select group of programs including Reason, Max/MSP/Jitter and Peak. To control his music, Computo incorporates a programmable "qwerty" keyboard, which allows for primary and secondary functions for each key. Fully enabled, Computo can operate at least 112 simultaneous audio tracks, allowing song mainpulation and improvisation from the ground up. These tracks all mix through virtual sub-mixers to, at most, 8 outputs, which mix through another mixer and some outboard effects. Computo uses a wide array of other instruments to create his modular setup. These include various MIDI controllers, a radio shack electronics project kit, a turntable and the Guitum, an electronic percussion instrument, hand-built by Computo.

D0c Focus Media Detroit
Electro, Experimental
Detroit's Doc is a veteran of chaotic futurism. Serving bleeps, bips, and half-naked rhythm structures over a glitchy orchestra electronic melody. His releases have become revered among Detroit hipsters, hackers, and outcasts. His ultra live, live performances are always a spectacle of noise, nonsense, emotion, and energy.

Doc will be taking a studio break from working on his upcoming LP, to perform at Notacon. Doc will be performing on his durplux; cutting and splicing linear driven structures, in an collage based non-linear format.

Gadi & RobB   Boston
Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Garage
Gadi & Rob B are two young artists from the scene of Boston, Massachussetts. They are both senior Electronic Music students at the Berklee College of Music.

Gadi Sassoon was born and lived most of his life in Milan, Italy, where he worked actively on the local music scene between 1997 and 2001 as a performer and composer. Now residing in Boston, Gadi is the project's expert in jazz and electronic composition. His virtuoso guitar playing and MC'ing in Italian, English and French are two strong elements of the Gadi & Rob B project.

Robert Baker hails from massachusetts, and has been creating electronic music there since age 13. An expert at programming skitzoid breakbreats and creating interesting textures, Rob is the production mind of the project. Also a creative turntablist, he often performs with Final Scratch, bringing some new and interesting sounds to you live.

Gadi & Rob B is an eclectic blend of many different musical genres: drum & bass, hip hop, garage, together with elements of jazz and funk, although the dnb element is often predominant the breakbeats coming out of their laptops cover a wide span of different feels, unified by a compositional style reminiscent of Ninjas and Warpists. All these elements are combined in a performance that includes live guitar, scratching, MC'ing, synthesizers and laptop electronics all operated by the two musicians.

The Signal Graffitiists OS Collective
The Signal Graffitiists
IDM, Experimental Jungle, Abstract HipHop + Dub
The Signal Graffitiists were formed in early 2002, as a vessel for live Breakbeat. Performing their first show for nearly 800 people, in a line-up between live-electronic groups Lake Trout and Club D'elf, The Graffitiists hit the ground running. Over the following 2 years, members fluctuated, associating new Graffitiists over time. Former members include DJ Reazon, DJ MODI and ALR, all of whom contributed emensly. The current line-up came out of the allegences formed through the OS collective. Gadi & Rob B make up one half of The Graffitiists, along with founding members, Computo and K-Dub, also of The Sons of Liberty. Incorporating a vast array of instruments, The Graffitiists put everything on the table when they perform. Computers, electric Guitar and Bass, turntable and mixer, EWI (electronic wind instrument) and a variety of other techno-gadgets scatter The Graffitiists live setup. Performing a unique blend of styles including IDM, Experimental Jungle, and Abstract HipHop and Dub, this group keeps it fresh and delivers a power-infused attack on the audience.

Sons of Liberty OS Collective
Sons of Liberty
Politically Charged Tech-Step, Dub Jungle, Nu + Old Skool Breaks
The Sons of Liberty are an electronic music Duo, incorporating live and sequenced instruments to produce politically-charged TechStep Jungle and Nu- and old-Skool Breaks. In a time when political dissent is equated to treachery, The Sons of Liberty crash through the rhetoric, exposing the truth about the Status Quo and the New World Order. With a collection of bone-chilling soundbytes, The Sons turn the words of the Global Elite back upon themselves. Utilizing a laptop, some controllers and an electric bass through effects, this team is dropping knowledge and science.

Living in Boston, in the same neighborhoods as our country's first patriots, the members of The Sons of Liberty convened. Disgusted by the apathy and inactivity of their own generation, they resolved to fight the "information war" that covered the major media at the hands of Big Business and the Global Elite. Using the news media against itself, The Sons began compiling audio example after example of the Elitists publicly discussing their plans for global domination. Putting these samples to music has become The Sons of Liberty signature sound, and given them a purpose in the electronic music community: to empower the masses through music.

Twine Twinesound Baltimore
Experimental, Ambient, Noise, Glitch
Friends talk about nothing over the phone; a gentle guitar strum mutates into a gauzy substance; a swell of sub-bass and firework crackling ensues. Fuzzed-out scanners capture distant conversations, and otherworldly voices emerge through the noise, haunting like a recurring dream.

The experience of Twine is the static on telephone lines, the nighttime whispers, the sounds of the aether; of dizzying percussive glitch, eerie textures and vocals grated into a dense fog, a collective but coded dialogue.

The Twinesound is a structure meets noise vs. melody sound, always morphing into something new. Glitchy beats collapse into warm swarms of static, long atmospheric drones become abstract soundscapes where cold dark ambience and stark angular structures meet As much a noisy, ambient experience as any heard today, from Fennesz's Endless Summer to Black Dice's Beaches and Canyons, Twine also draws influence from the free-floating, sand-blasted vocals of Cocteau Twins. This is a story of the fuzzy lines that connect and distance humanity, and the spiritual in-between that emerges in the nighttime hours.

At Notacon, we will be honored to have Baltimore, Maryland's Greg Malcolm represent Twine. Greg's other half, Boulder, Colorado.s Chad Mossholder togheter comprise a unique musical entity. Twine is the culmination of their extended history, which includes their acclaimed 2002 LP Recorder for France's Bip-Hop and their distinguished catalogue for Chicago's Hefty Records and Sweden's Komplott. Their sound contains a mysterious and unresolved quality, the result of the musical relationship which the group's two main practitioners share. Making music together from across the country, their collaborations are exercises in postmodern abstraction. Songs become experimentations in the virtual realm, with files bounced back and forth across time zone and singular ideas becoming collaborative.


Darkcube Detroit Techno Militia
Techno, Electro, Drum & Bass
Darkcube brings a style that is all his to the decks. No matter what type of crowd, he'll own the room from the first record he throws down till the minute the lights come up. He's infamous in Detroit and San Francisco and most points in between.

Froggy Lethargic Records
Drum & Bass, Trance, Downtempo
Froggy has spun at house parties and small clubs in the Cleveland and Pittsburgh area and has also been featured on both Beat Matrix and Raver's Edge on WRUW 91.1 FM in Cleveland.

Rathumos Lethargic Records Cleveland
Funky House

Vitruvius Lethargic Records Cleveland
Funky House
Vitruvius has been a radio DJ for over two years now, hosting a show on WRUW called The Raver's Edge. In addition to that, he regularly lays down house sets on the decks. A few mix sets are available on his website


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