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Press Policy

Press Contact:
Brandon Knight
Press Coordinator


Notacon is a new concept in conventions and will focus on cutting-edge technology and arts. Migrating away from "straight" computer and network security conventions found elsewhere in the country, Notacon serves to showcase new, innovative and creative people and projects not only from the Cleveland area, but from around the world. Topics will vary from computer and network security techniques to avant-garde artistic performances. The goal of Notacon is to create a temporary community of intelligent, creative and like-minded people who can over a weekend share their experiences with each other and the rest of the world. Expected attendees of Notacon will range from high school students to senior citizens. All are welcome provided they have an interest in technology and the arts and feel they have something to either learn or contribute to the project.

Notacon is interested in have the press share this unique experience. However, members of the press are also required to follow the rules and guidelines as outlined in the rest of this document.


The fee for a press badge will be $25 (non-refundable) per news organization/crew. Conference badges will be given to each member of your organization in attendance. These badges will clearly denote your status as press personnel

The following information will be required for validation and should be sent to

  • Name
  • Title
  • Name of Publication or Organization
  • Email address
  • Work phone
  • Mobile phone (if applicable)
Please also submit a URL to previous articles you have written for your publication or other references we may use to verify your authenticity.

Submission of this information prior to the conference is crucial so that we may validate your credentials and issue your press badge. If we do not have the information until the conference, there is no guarantee that you will receive a press badge. However, if you cannot send the information in beforehand, please bring in printed copies of prior articles, a portfolio, or any other information we can use to verify your authenticity. These will then be reviewed by the con staff.

Upon registration, you will need to provide at least two forms of identification, at least one of which should be your business cards, to authenticate your affiliation. Also, be prepared to supply additional items such as your editor's contact information.


Seeing as how this is a private event, we ask all journalists, photographers and video crews to respect the privacy of the members of the conference since some of the members of the conference may not wish to be featured in public.

  1. No video or audio recording may be made of any speaker without express permission of the conference organizers, whom will attain such permission from the presenter.
  2. No video or audio recording may be made of any conference attendee without each attendee's explicit agreement. This includes pan shots of the audience during a presentation. Opportunities for group shots may be made available shots upon request. Attendees in "public" areas such as lounges may be photographed and they will be warned of this. Some attendees may reject and we politely ask you to honor these situations.
  3. Badges must be worn at all times while on the premises.
  4. You must treat every attendee, speaker and organizer with respect. There will be a lot of other activity going on with regards to the conference and the organizers will do their best to respect you as long as that respect is returned.
  5. Some attendees may be under 18 years of age. Please respect this when asking for interviews, posing questions or asking for information. It is your responsibility to secure this information prior to your broadcast or write-up.
  6. FTS Conventures and the Notacon staff take no responsibilities for the actions of its attendees. You are assumed to be covering the event "At your own risk". This includes the security of your equipment.
These rules are not all inclusive. The organizers of Notacon reserve the right to impose additional restrictions of rules as situations warrant.

Any journalist, photographer or video crew found violating the rules will be escorted off the premises by security and asked not to return. We appreciate your understanding and will be happy to help you comply with these rules while still providing you an opportunity to do your job.

We politely ask that your organization portray the event, its organizers and attendees in the best light possible. Organizations acting in bad faith or acting unprofessionally may be asked to leave. Such organizations will likely not be granted permission to attend future events.

Amenities: A room on-site for crews will be made available provided that sufficient advance notice is made such a service. Space will be limited. We will do our best to accommodate any special request. Any requests for additional information made the day of the event will be handled on a time available basis by the conference organizers. These rooms are made available so that willing attendees, presenters and organizers can speak freely in a space away from the general conference area. This will hopefully offer you both the latitude to speak candidly.

If you have any questions or have special needs, please contact Should you need something during the con, you can contact a con staff member.