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Notacon is an event unlike any other

Many have asked me, "Froggy, why on Earth are you doing this. I mean, it seems cool and all, but why do it?". Why. Hmm. It is a very good question. I mean, there are a lot of other conferences and events out there that do a damn good job of furthering the fields of infosec, languages, art, music, etc. One can attend SANS, Defcon, HOPE, Phreaknic, CanSecWest, Blackhat and other events of equal caliber and temperament. Along with that you can probably find numerous parties, raves and musical events in your home town every week. Art shows? Those are easy to find. Why Notacon then?

I'm throwing Notacon for two very simple reason. The first is that I recognized by going to cons, attending school and working with music that I'm not just a technical person. Likewise, I'm not simply an artist devoted to my craft. I am a complex blend of both of these aspects. They are what make me "me".

My second rationale for throwing this event is that I like people. No, I don't mean on the, "I think everyone is swell and I just LOOOOVE people!" I mean it in the, "I really like hanging around a group of intelligent, creative and talented peers whom I have something to learn from and whom maybe can learn a thing or two from me."

Could Notacon be considered a social experiment of sorts? An event in which together we try to find and build a community, no matter how temporary it is? You bet your ass it is. Along the way, though, I and my dedicated crew of organizers and volunteers will provide attendees with an outstanding and thought-provoking line of technical presentations as well as creative, musical and artistic performances and works that will stimulate the other half of your brain you perhaps ignore at times. Will there be some gray area? Some untapped middle ground? I think so... I believe so... heck, I know so.

So what is Notacon *not* going to be about entirely:

    A computer security conference, art fair, computer show, rave, mini Comdex, ham-fest, academic conference, bull session among peers or place where scene whores can strut their stuff.

However, it is likely that Notacon will be all of these at the same time.

Beyond my personal feelings above, Notacon exists not to showcase the technology, but to showcase the people and communities behind the technology that exist to support and promote it. Sure, there will be cutting edge technological demonstrations, amazing shows of creative talent and perhaps a little buffoonery. That's not entirely the point, though

Notacon isn't about having "yet another old computer security convention" nor is about giving hackers (I hate that term) a place to hang out for a weekend. Our goal is to have an environment where people from many diverse backgrounds can join together to share something that will help to enlighten and educate everyone else. The one binding agent between us all is technology. How we use it and how we push the envelopes of what is possible or how, perhaps, we push our own reality with it to new exciting, and sometimes scary, levels.

I don't know where this journey is going to take us, but I hope that all of you are there to make it with me.