So anyways we get to clevelend at about 12:30am on Friday.
We walked in, checked in and brought all of the crap into room #814.
We came down and I went to the notacon registration desk, looked at
froggy, and said "I'm ken west" It was the first time we met, so that
is cool. I also met tyger at the registration desk. They are both very
awesome people. We got our con badges. They looked kickass along with
the shirts. Although I was hesitant to walk up to people I slowly
started to introduce myself. The first other core member that I met
was rwash. We talked a bit and he pointed out a few more people to me.
I easily recognized krnlpanik. KaosPunk I didn't recognize at all.
These guys were awesome. I also got to meet mstanisl (KryptoBSD) and
his friend mattjf. I don't know if it was all in that order but what 
the hell, it doesn't matter. Friday night after hitting a bunch of talks
I hung out with kaospunk, kryptobsd, and mattjf in the network room 
until about 6:30am. That was cool, I was able to get to know them more
and what not. Earlier before that "Myself" and I had some cool conversation.
That guy is awesome. Yeah I know this is all scattered but that's my life.
NFF was the shit. His games were hysterical. Saturday night was the
talent show which was quite funny to see what people could come up with. The
two guys with the 300 lines of perl script for a "voice over tcp"
was great. That's a long story, a more "you had to of been there" type of
Did I mention that some of the hot national jump rope team girls were my
Anyways I somehow managed to win the talent show without doing anything.
Thanks to tyger and the rest of the judges on that one. I am sick of writing
so I will sum it up. The con was fucking amazing. The best part was when
asked me to be core? I am honored, it makes me feel good. All of the people
I met
were fantastic and I cannot wait to do this again next year.
KryptoBSD, you owe me a barbeque.

In tribute to "Phiz":"
NOTACON, Bitches!