Well, I think I'm fairly recovered from the weekend now that
I can write my thoughts on Notacon.  My memory is generally
pretty suck lately, but we'll try to get something coherent out
of this.

I was hoping to leave work fairly early on Thursday so I 
could do all the last minute things still required before I
headed down to the hotel.  Standard fashion, I had nothing 
ready to go so I really needed as much time as possible.  Well,
of course, my boss schedules a meeting for the last hour of the
day...so that pretty much shot my plans out the window.  I rushed 
out about 4:45pm or so and did the mad rush around the house
picking up anything not nailed down and throwing it in a bag, 
hoping that I was getting everything I would need for the weekend.
I got down to the hotel a little before 7pm to find nobody around.
Once everyone got there, we unloaded the cars and began setting up
the network room.  Everybody really came together on this, and it
truly made some stressful times quite enjoyable.  Mad props to 
all who helped out.  You rule.

Anyway, so after everything was all set up we decided everyone 
should get some sleep at least to be ready for the onslaught that would
be the beginning of Notacon.  We ended up with a bunch of people in 
our staff room that night.  KryptoBSD, mattjf, their friend Corey, 
Lurene, Seth, rwash, and I filled the room that night.  I really
couldn't sleep all that well either from excitement/anxiety of the
next day, caffeine/sugar, or all of the above.

I wandered down to the conference area a little before 9am to find
things starting up already.  I shoveled in a few donuts and cups of 
coffee(thanks zam) while trying to make sure any last minute
things were being taken care of.  Some friends came down in the
afternoon and I hung out with them a bit.  Later that night I hung
out with mattjf, KryptoBSD, and IrKdub.  The legend and prophecy
of the IrKdub baked goods and had come true, and we rejoiced 
with 6" round cookies.  rawk.  We held down the network room until
6:30am or so and then decided to lock it up since nobody else
was there.

Got a few hours of sleep and started over again saturday.  I thought
Jason Scott's talk was at 11am so I was afraid I was going to miss it.
Turns out it was at 2pm so I was in good shape to catch it.  The main
reason I wanted to see this talk was RaD MaN.  I was so in to ANSI 
and ASCII art so I was stoked to see him talk.  NFF was fun, as always
and the talent show was pretty amusing as well.  At this point though 
I was flying on no sleep and heavily hopped up on caffeine and sugar
so who knows what was actually going on.  My brain had shut down at 
some point, but my body kept dragging me around somehow.  I felt bad
that nobody was listening to the live music in the network room
so I just sat in there for a bit.  Zeuropa and I worked a bit on
improvements we saw potentially for next year's con.  

The next morning I had breakfast with Tom.  I need some actual sustinence
if I was going to make it through the rest of the day.  Due to the
marathon Jose and Beth were running late so we had to move back talk times
a bit.  It was a good talk.  I listened to rwash's talk as well.  I've
been doing a lot of reading lately on risk costs so it was quite
interesting and topical for me.  Closing ceremonies were good.  We got 
some needed feedback and it was actually relieving to know it was just
about over.

All in all, the weekend was a fucking blast.  It was weird being on
the other end of the whole con experience.  It was a mix of nervous
energy, stress, community, and fun.  I'm so glad I finally got to meet
people in person I have been talking with on irc for almost a year now.
I was definitely more social than I've been at any other con.  I felt
more connected and had some good conversations.  I'm inspired again
to get involved with some projects and to just give back to the
community.  I really needed this as a wakeup/kick in the ass.  Yes, it
cost me quite a bit monetarily, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.
The cause is worth it and so are the people.