Notacon....what can I say about Notacon...

It rocked, for one.

Thursday morning on the way to work I got the phonecall from my mom telling
me that my Grandfather died.  First thing I did when I got to work was get
time off to go to the funeral on monday.  After that the day was spent doing
everything I needed to get done since I was going to already be off Friday
PLUS everything that might need to be done for Monday and Tuesday.

After work I went home to help pack up stuff with Froggy.  Got a car load
ready to go, told the upstairs housemate that we wouldn't be home for a few
days, and ran the first load to the hotel.  While starting setup and getting
everyone together and unloading the car, Froggy ran home to get the other
load of stuff from the apartment.  During this gathering time, I happened
to walk out into the lobby and noticed that Jason Scott was sitting in the
lobby with his laptop attempting to get wireless.  So we chatted a bit,
and as people kept passing by conversations were made, mostly starting with
"man, that's a HUGE laptop!"  After awhile he headed back up to his room and
I went on my way doing setup and finally going up to the second floor storage
with Zeuropa to inventory all the stuff we would be selling and giving away.
We had a great crew doing setup and that helped immensely with the stress
of getting things in order.  After hanging out till about 3am I managed to
meet up with Froggy again, had a smoke, and was dragged to bed.

Friday we got up at 9 to get the ball rolling.  Zeuropa took charge of the
reg desk and got everything set up while the rest of us started making sure
the room was ready to go.  We got the giant schedules posted, Bill Scheele
was there to set up his artwork that he brought in for NewCAT.  Everything was
running smooth.  Most of Friday went by like a blur.  I did a lot of running,
Zam got the radios in and we all got set up using them, everything went good
till it came time to set up for NFF's t-shirts, which meant rewiring the talk
room and we couldn't get movies going like we had wanted to.  Once that was
taken care of, though, all was good again.  Finally got the movies working
again after awhile and I spent time hanging out in the lobby while Jason Scott
showed some of us a preview of his Meme Stream show he was going to present
the following night.  Tom, Froggy, and KaosPunk took down the art and stored
it for the night.  I hung out with various people till about 6 or 7am when I
hit the network room and found that KaosPunk, Mattjf, and KryptoBSD (I think
those are the ones) and ... IrKdub were still up.  They wanted to go to bed,
so I ran up and got some smokes, let them lock up the rooms, and ended up
chatting outside with KryptoBSD till I finally went up and took a shower,
changed, and headed down to organize the start of Saturday's festivities.

Saturday is also a bit of a blur.  I started morning as the only core-core
member awake.  Got everyone ready to roll, the art set up, and finally did
the organizer thing.  It felt good.  Mattjf went on a mcdonald's run and
got us some burgers since we'd not really eaten at all Friday (we being
me and froggy).  I sat in on part of the keynote, but was falling asleep.
I chilled for awhile, made some bank runs (also made bank runs on Friday),
and finally ate some dinner.  I hit the final round of NFF's T-shirts,
that was started with the Meme Stream videos, and then was told that I
was going to judge the talent show.  During the start of NFF's I kinda
caused myself embarassment and bodily injury, but it was only minor and I
was sleep deprived so it didn't even hurt my pride.  After the game show
Forno bought me and Zeuropa a drink at the bar and I slugged down some of
a beer and went to be judge for the talent show.  We decided to be fickle,
as we were 3 female judges with almost entirely male talent, and had fun
with it.  My first time in front of a group without severe trepidation!
My exhibitionism must come out more when I'm tired.

After Talent show, found out the bar was closed early, got Forno a shirt for
someone back home, and headed down to see what was up in the movie room.
Chatted with Myself, Jason Scott, Froggy, and others who I don't remember
(maybe RaDMaN a little), then headed to the fifth floor to check out the
party scene after the con rooms were locked up.  Didn't get to 515's drunken
hedonism, but hit a pick up poker game instead.  At about 4:00am we said
our goodnights and collapsed in bed.

Sunday: up at 9ish again.  Got everyone set up downstairs, the signs changed,
all in order.  Found out about the Marathon the night before, but learned
that morning that no one could drive near the hotel!!  First two speakers were
running late, but adjusted the schedule to take care of that.  Started saying
my goodbyes.  Had the closing ceremonies where we gave away tons of stuff.
General consensus was that things were great and we should definately have
a next year at the same place even!  Rock on!  With the help of many hands
we got everything packed up and left the hotel by like 3:00pm and were
unloaded, showered, changed, and eating dinner by 6:00pm when we hit the
road to Maryland.

Yeah, this is about all I can remember.  I mean, there's the whole getting
piggy back rides out of the talk room and back in, being dry humped down the
hallway by KK, getting TONS and I mean TONS of hugs and general friendliness
from all the people I only get to see once or twice a year.  And of course,
weirding out NFF at EVERY opportunity regarding my ability to be married
AND be a flirt!

I miss you all already.  See some of you at H2K4 and Defcon I hope!

Thanks everyone for coming out and making this an amazing first year event!