April 8th - 10th, 2005

Cleveland, Ohio

Presented by

FTS Conventures


The Notacon Community

How to get involved

Mailing Lists

We run a number of mailing lists to help keep you informed of Notacon events, changes and updates, as well as a discussion list to keep the community going all year round.

Notacon Forums

The Notacon forums host an discussion webboard as well as our room and ride-sharing posting board.


Want to know where Notacon personalities intend on hanging out? Whether it be another con, the local 2600 meeting or other events, if we're going to be there, we'll post it here.


Do you have talents and the time to assist in our events? This page contains information for all volunteers, as well as information about how to get notified of our current needs.

Promoting and Publicity

If you have a desire to help us promote for this event, we provide a number of good suggestions on where to promote as well as some printed materials you can print out and pass around.

Contact Us

Members of the press, sponsors, vending and other questions, along with our direct contact information can be found on these pages. Also, a volunteer and staff list of all currently active Notacon personalities.