April 8th - 10th, 2005

Cleveland, Ohio

Presented by

FTS Conventures


2005 Musicians

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Last Updated : 3/7/2005

We will be showcasing the people and groups listed below during both nights of Notacon. We will also have open tables on friday night. If you are interested in performing at this, all you need to do is show up and sign up on the sheet.

www.midnightmixer.com Midnight Mixer
Varied Electronic and Experimental Styles


Midnight Mixer will be taking over the main presentation room (Lakeside) on Saturday night, April 9th, from 11 p.m. till 6 a.m. In their first event of the 2005 schedule, the technology theme of Notacon will be reinforced by bringing together Cleveland's electronic artists from its various tribes.Expect 7 hours of multimedia by a mix of djs and live musicians, intelligent lighting, and custom video. Visit www.midnightmixer.com for more information about this and other events.


The Midnight Mixer collaboration began in 2004 with seven events to build the otherground through music, lighting, and video projections. "Almost all the elements to make it the coolest scene in town," wrote the FreeTimes in October. At a Mixer you will see and hear technology being stressed.

The 2004 series featured dozens of performers ranging from techno djs to fire breathers; hand drumming to heavy metal; hip-hop to homemade glitch. Whether the music is the score to the projections or the projections are the backdrop for the music is a question left to the audience. Projections of sound waves and custom video pulse in sync to the music - no software just nimble hands on the video mixer. Bringing together the electronic arts of music, lighting, and video creates a fluid medium for intelligent entertainment. Best enjoyed with friends the night has the potential to imprint an forward experience.

Resistance through Audo Weapons Computo
Drum & Bass, Jazz, Downtempo, Dub, Glitch

Originally from the Cleveland area, Computo is a solo Live PA/Laptop music performance, sliding around through such styles as Drum'n'Bass, Jazz, Downtempo, Dub and Glitch. Performing almost exclusively original material, Computo centers his performance around an Apple G4 Powerbook, running a select group of programs including Reason, Max/MSP/Jitter and Peak. To control his music, Computo incorporates a programmable "qwerty" keyboard, which allows for primary and secondary functions for each key. Fully enabled, Computo can operate at least 112 simultaneous audio tracks, allowing song mainpulation and improvisation from the ground up. These tracks all mix through virtual sub-mixers to, at most, 8 outputs, which mix through another mixer and some outboard effects. Computo uses a wide array of other instruments to create his modular setup. These include various MIDI controllers, a radio shack electronics project kit, a turntable and the Guitum, an electronic percussion instrument, hand-built by Computo.

Sons of Liberty Sons of Liberty
Politically Charged Tech-Step, Dub Jungle, Nu + Old Skool Breaks

The Sons of Liberty are an electronic music Duo, incorporating live and sequenced instruments to produce politically-charged TechStep Jungle and Nu- and old-Skool Breaks. In a time when political dissent is equated to treachery, The Sons of Liberty crash through the rhetoric, exposing the truth about the Status Quo and the New World Order. With a collection of bone-chilling soundbytes, The Sons turn the words of the Global Elite back upon themselves. Utilizing a laptop, some controllers and an electric bass through effects, this team is dropping knowledge and science.

Living in Boston, in the same neighborhoods as our country's first patriots, the members of The Sons of Liberty convened. Disgusted by the apathy and inactivity of their own generation, they resolved to fight the "information war" that covered the major media at the hands of Big Business and the Global Elite. Using the news media against itself, The Sons began compiling audio example after example of the Elitists publicly discussing their plans for global domination. Putting these samples to music has become The Sons of Liberty signature sound, and given them a purpose in the electronic music community: to empower the masses through music.