April 8th - 10th, 2005

Cleveland, Ohio

Presented by

FTS Conventures


Information for Presenters for 2005

Updated : 3/22/2005

Conference Dates: April 8, 2005 through April 10, 2005
Staff will be available on-site starting around 8 PM on Thursday the 7th

Our transfer of copyright form for our speakers is required unless other arrangements are made with the organizers of Notacon prior to the event

Logistics during Notacon

Registration will be open starting Thursday night at the front desk and will remain open for the remainder of the event. Artists, musicians and presenters should be ready with identification at the registration desk for quick registration. All presenters will be given a unique presenter badge. These badges are non-transferable and must be worn at all times. You or your group will be permitted to purchase one badge for a companion for a cost of $45 at the door.

As a presenter, if you have any problems or needs regarding your presentation, please make these needs known to a conference staff member and we will handle them as quickly as possible.

Unless prior arrangements have been made with the conference organizers, all costs of attending (but not including admission), including transportation, hotel accommodations and meals, remain those of the presenter.

Your time slot

You will be contacted via email before the event with your designated time slot. If for whatever reason this slot is not going to work, or if you find you are suddenly unable to attend the event at all, please let us know immediately! We may need to schedule an alternate presentation and will need to update our schedules and programs.

Please note that ditching at the last moment is unprofessional and frowned upon. Doing so may hinder your chances of speaking at our future events.

However, if you find that you will have greater flexibility in regards to the time in which you speak, please let us know. You will be awarded brownie points appropriately.

Finally, if you are interested in giving an additional presentation after our schedule has been finalized, please let us know so that we can include you on our list of stand-by speakers.


This year, both audio and video recordings will be made of all presentations As a presenter, you will be given the opportunity to download a copy of this presentation on the Notacon website after the event free of charge. All speakers must also sign the Notacon Transfer of Copyright form or make other arrangements with the event organizers.

Copies of these recordings will be sold for a nominal fee by FTS Conventures at the event. After the recordings have been shipped, the presentations will then be made freely available on our website. All presentations will be released under some form of a Creative Commons license so that all may benefit from the material. Please see our Media Archives from last year for how we handled things then. We intend to do something similar this year.

Presenters are welcome to record their own presentations, but the Notacon staff will not be available to assist with this work, whether it in regards to technical assistance or operating your equipment. If you suspect you need help, consider dragging someone else along who might enjoy the event. You record your own presentation at your own risk.

What we will provide for a presentation

The conference organizers plan on providing, at a minimum, the following A/V equipment. If something is needed for your presentation that is not included here, please plan on providing it yourself unless you have made prior arrangements. To make prior arrangements, contact us at av@notacon.org. Even if you think you already have made arrangements, email us again to be sure.

What we will not provide

Most importantly, we do NOT providing computers/laptops. When bringing yours, make sure you bring ALL of the following:

If you have a special need and think we may be able to accommodate it, please email the address above and with enough groveling we may be able to make miracles happen. Except for laptops.


Please remember that there will be many other exciting events taking place and encourage everyone to stay with us the weekend to join in the festivities. Games with prizes, contests, movies, live music, etc. will be available throughout the weekend at no additional charge. Perhaps the best "extra" will be opportunities to mingle with other attendees. Anyone interested in social networking and/or community building is encouraged to stay out of their hotel rooms!


We request that presenters function in a professional manner while giving their talk. Q & A sessions are encouraged, but not required. In order to maintain our schedule, all presenters will be given a 5 minute warning and then cut-off at the appropriate time. Space for break-out sessions and additional questions will be determined on a case by case basis as space permits.