April 8th - 10th, 2005

Cleveland, Ohio

Presented by

FTS Conventures


2005 Schedule

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Last Updated : 3/22/05

Presentation dates and times are subject to change. Schedule is accurate as of the day above. We will not be held responsible for speakers that bail on us at the last minute (shame on you if you do!)

9:30Scot Rourke & Mark Ansboury
Melinda Minch
Software Testing: The BLEEDING Edge!
12:30David Coulson
Linux-based High Availability Infrastructures
Nick Hanek & Micah Waldstein
Open Source Entrepreneurialism
3:00Bruce Petro
IT Innovation
Michael Tetreault
Security and the Web Developer
5:00Andrew Colarik
Jim Eastman aka Vitruvius
Community Radio Broadcasting
6:00Greg Boehnlein aka Damin
Asterisk, VoIP For The Masses
Zach Campbell
C64 RIP (Revival In Progress)
7:00Joe Caputo
Creating Music Digitally. Part 2
Nick Farr & Jeff Goeke-Smith
Photography Hour 1 : Introduction to Photography
8:00Richard Thieme
Living on the Edge: The Sources of Creativity for Security Wizards and Hackers
Jerry Rockwell
The Evolution of a Tune: My Process of Arranging and Composing in a Home Studio
9:00Dan Bjorklund
US Copyright history and Creative Commons
10:00Win NFF's T-shirts Round 1Movies and other audiovisual spectacles
11:30Notacon Talentless Talent Show 
1:00Live Music 
10:00Eric Meyer
Humanely Wielding a Clue By Four: Reflections on Managing a Massive Mailing List
Marc Buchner & Christian Miller
Gaming and Simulation at Case: Learning by Doing (and Playing!)
11:00Matt Fanto
Recent Attacks Against Hash Functions
Rich Drushel
AdamCon and the Coleco Adam. Still alive today!
12:00Eric Meyer
The Construction of S5; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the DOM
Security & the COTS vendor - an attempt at getting one to understand the other
1:00Froggy & Tyger
Keynote: Community & Technology
3:00Richard Forno
The Changing Face of Security Analysis: Community-Based Security Informatics
Peckham & Houston
Photoshop This... GIMP that: A Stylish Presentation
4:00Niklas Lindroos aka Gore & Christopher Ragusa aka Banba
The BatMUD community - a biased study in running large global communities on the Internet
Jim Tantalo
Photography Hour 2 : Intermediate Digital Photography: Tips and Tricks
5:00Drew Curtis
Patterns in the Media and the Fark backend
Christian Wirth aka RaD Man
Steering an Art Collective
Anything but Ethernet wrap-up
7:00Stephanie Pakrul aka Steph the Geek
"Show Me Your Boobs!" and Other Subtleties of Building a Highly Interactive Personal Community
Gabe Schaffer & Tanner "Koz" Beck
Photography Hour 3 : Advanced Photography and Imaging Systems
8:00 Win NFF's T-shirts Round 2
9:30 Jason Scott's Meme Stream
11:00Midnight mixer 
10:00Rick Wash
The Economics of Information Security
Todd MacDermid
DEFJAM to CUTLASS - One year after
11:00Jose Nazario
RSS Clustering
Jeff Goeke-Smith aka Amishone
Amateur Radio Topics
12:00Paul Jarc
Slashpackage : Not as Scary as it Looks
Goldenberg and Psujek
Walking before we run: how biology is inspiring progress in AI
1:00Mark Stanislav
Get Smart[y]: The Smarty Template Engine for PHP
Eric M. aka RootDruid
Sploit-Dev: A hands on intro to coding exploits
2:00Closing ceremonies: Get the hell out