April 8th - 10th, 2005

Cleveland, Ohio

Presented by

FTS Conventures


Frontiers Technical Symposium

Last Updated : 3/24/2005

The Notacon Frontiers Technical Symposium is a forum in which IT professionals, technical managers and developers can find in depth, topical and interesting insights and information. These sessions run Friday from 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM. There will be two tracks of talks, one IT/management related, the other geared towards programmers and developers. Each track will consist of three two-hour presentations by leaders and emerging leaders in the field.

In addition, Symposium attendees will also have the privilege to attend all of the other Notacon presentations, which run the rest of the weekend. These presentations will cover topics such as VOIP, mailing list management, CSS, large scale server integration, computer and network security and open source development, among others.

The event is held in Cleveland, and is centrally located close to many major metropolitan areas. The weekend will include over 40 presenters and hundreds of attendees. Notacon is in its second year and aims to continue to provide valuable resources for professionals and professionals-to-be in an open, engaging and community-based environment.

IT trackSoftware track
David Coulson
Linux-based High Availability Infrastructures
Melinda Minch
Case Western Reserve University
Software Testing: The BLEEDING Edge!
Scot Rourke
Executive Director, OneCleveland
Nick Hanek & Micah Waldstein
Founders APChange
Open Source Entreprenurialism
Bruce Petro
CTO AG Interactive
IT Innovation
Michael Tetreault, CISSP
Security and the Web Developer