April 7th - 9th, 2006

Cleveland, Ohio

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FTS Conventures


The Notacon Community

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Become a part of the Notacon organization.

Interested in donating your time, talents and expertise to the betterment of Notacon? Please sign up on our volunteers mailing list to tell us what you can provide. Notacon is a community-based volunteer effort so everyone's contributions are welcome and appreciated.

Individuals lending equipment of value for use by the organizers for the purposes of supporting the event will be covered by the event's liability insurance and will have their equipment registered prior to the event. All personal possessions not explicitly cataloged by the organizers for use during the event are brought AT YOUR OWN RISK. In no event shall Notacon nor FTS Conventures be held liable for any damages whatsoever to equipment not explicitly agreed to be covered by the event's insurance policy prior to the event.

Promoting and Publicity

Let others know about Notacon through banners and fliers.

Want to help promote Notacon in your area? The easiest way is by putting fliers up in the places you visit most. Some examples of places that are usually receptive are given below. We would certainly appreciate the help. Below are some fliers and what-not you can print out and use! All are in Adobe PDF format.

Currently for Notacon 3 we currently only have the quarter page fliers. We hope to have some full page fliers available in the near future.

Place a banner on your homepage. If you would like to contribute a banner email tyger@notacon.org

- From Jason Scott

- From John Menerick

If you would like to create a banner, use of our logo and preferred fonts is encouraged.

Notacon Logo Files:

Notacon fonts (the ones we generally use for publications):

TShirt Design Contest
  • Start Date: October 5, 2005
  • End Date: February 1, 2006

Tshirt Design Competition is closed!

Contact Us

Notacon is wholly run and organized through FTS Conventures.

For more information about specific topics:

For general questions, check out our forums, mailing lists, and other ways to get involved in the Notacon Community. We welcome your input and will do our best to respond to any concerns or questions posed.

If you need to fax, us, you can do so by dialing: 616-608-0501

If you want to contact those responsible for this event, contact froggy -at- notacon -dot- org or tyger -at- notacon -dot- org.

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