April 7th - 9th, 2006

Cleveland, Ohio

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FTS Conventures


2006 Schedule

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Last Updated : 4/6/2006

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1:00Opening Ceremonies 
2:00b9punk and McFly
Europe and the USA. A comparison and contrast of our hacker scenes.
Eric Meyer
A Decade of Style
3:00Nathan Sterret
An Introduction to Microsoft Systems Management Server
Keith Mitchell
Internet Exchanges - Enabling Local Online Communities
The SPORE (Share Place Open Resource Ecology) or How to Use Social Networking to Undermine Commodity Based Capitalism
Jim Eastman & Micah Waldstein
Producing Music on a Shoestring Budget
Make Your Own Linux
Learn to Play Go
6:00Elonka Dunin
Kryptos and The Da Vinci Code
Blended Threat Managment
7:00Jason Scott
Your Moment of Audio Zen: A History of Podcasts
A Re-Introduction to Photography
8:00Ryan Fox
How Microsoft is going to die (... and it's not Linux)
The Temporary Autonomous Zone
9:00Hosted by Nick Farr
Wait Wait Don't Pwn Me!
11:00Nick Farr
Hacking the Research Community
The Rise and Fall of Payphones and the Evolution of Phreaking
12:00Paul Timmins
How to Survive a Federal Investigation
Nathan Sterret (beer)
Hacking Hops: How to Brew Your Own Beer
1:00Jason Scott
The Great Failure of Wikipedia
Jeremy Gaddis
Patch Management in a Windows Environment
2:00Jimmy Chan & Kris Suter
Locksmithing Basics
Gabe Schaffer
5 Minute Photoshop techniques
3:00Paul Jarc
Collaborative Authorship and Patch Deployment: An Impractical Guide
Greg Boehnlein
How the ILECs Have F**ked Up the ISP Industry
4:00David Coughanour
HajjiNets: Running an ISP in a War Zone
Seth Hardy
Building Communities in Self-Destructive Environments
5:00Leigh Honeywell
Hacking Gender - Strategies for inclusion and change
Jesse Krembs
Hacks for Humanity
6:00Drew Curtis
Stupid Media Tricks: Which will kill us all first, the Bird Flu or Janet Jackson's nipple?
Chris Clymer
Mobile Honeypots: How to Catch a Laptop Thief
Network Printer Hacking
Corey Houston
Font Making Fun
8:00Hacker Media PanelMyself
Anything But Ethernet Wrapup
9:00Party Like It's Going out of StyleTalent Show
10:00 Jason Scott's MemeDump
11:00Beth Lynn
Security Audits Using Linux Live CDs
Dan Bjorklund
Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Reading Other People's T-shirts
12:00Greg Boehnlein
Life in a Help Desk
Timmins and Others
Telco Data Panel
Encryption For Programmers
Chris Clymer
Ricing Out Your Linux Box
2:00Closing ceremonies: Get the hell out 

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