April 27th - 29th, 2007

Cleveland, Ohio

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FTS Conventures



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Last Updated : 04/27/2007

Presentation dates and times are subject to change. Schedule is accurate as of the day above. We will not be held responsible for speakers that bail on us at the last minute (shame on you if you do!)

12:00Opening Ceremonies 
1:00Andy "Phoenix" Voss
Allow Me To Demonstrate
Jon "Bohack" Buhagiar
Spam/Virus/Phishing Gateways
2:00Jason Scott
Wikipedia,Brick by Brick
Jack Ricchiuto
Smart Squared / The Power of Collaborative Innovation
3:00Kelly Keegan
The Fark Dissertation
Jim "Trixter" Leonard
8088 Corruption
4:00The Friends of DanKaye
Secrets of the Dead Phone Guy
Grid Computing with Alchemi and .NET
6:00Drew Ivan
Hacking Headhunters
Rick Deacon
Cross Site Scripting: MySpace.com
7:00Valdis Krebs
Open Source Intelligence -- Data and Patterns on the WWW
Kel Cecil
LAN for Life Charity Events
8:00Joseph "Stormgren" Bender
Surviving a Network Upgrade
S_TEC & Dave "Polaris" Valentine
Techniques for 4kb Intro Development
9:30int eighty (of Dual Core) 
10:00Talent Show 
11:00Open Jam Session 
11:00Jim Flock
DIY Green Energy
Enno Rey
Technology-based Kid Tracking - Implications and Risks
Squarewave to Heaven: An introduction to the Chiptune Music Scene
Michael McFarland
Notageek: Technology and Everyone Else
1:00Ed Morrison
Open Source Economic Development
Paul Timmins et al.
Telecommunications Q&A Session
2:00Michael DeAloia
Keynote: Development of the Creative Economy in Cleveland
Blockparty submission deadline
Ethical Hacker pizza lunch
4:00John Bellinger
A post-crash tech startup? In Ohio?
Mark Lenigan
Community Wireless Networking
5:00Hacker Foundation
Why Building Hacker Spaces is Necessary and How to Do It
Christian "RaD Man" Wirth
Building Character: ANSI from the Ground Up
6:00Dan Cuffaro
Cleveland's Design District
Bruce Potter
8 Dirty Secrets of the Security Industry
7:00Michael Nugent
Technology Standards in education
Seth Hardy
Online Communities and the Politics of DDoS
8:00Andrew "Necros" Sega
Taking Tracking Mainstream
Nick Farr
Hacking Your Finances
9:30Whose Slide is it Anyway? 
12:00BlockParty Demo Screening 
11:00Anything But Ethernet Wrap-Up 
12:00BlockParty Awards Ceremony 
1:00Closing Ceremonies 
2:00Get the Heck Out! 

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