April 4th - 6th, 2008

Cleveland, Ohio

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FTS Conventures



Last Updated : 03/27/2008

Presentation dates and times are subject to change. Schedule is accurate as of the day above. We will not be held responsible for speakers that bail on us at the last minute (shame on you if you do!) In the event of a last minute speaker cancellation one of our backup speakers will be inserted.

1200Opening Ceremonies 
1300Jason Scott
Now and Then, Here and There: Editing
David Mortman
Is Privacy A Lost Cause?
1400The Fat Man
Art Behind Enemy Lines: A Target-Rich Environment
Enno Rey & Angus Blitter
Data Loss Protection - Hope or Hype?
1500Emma Hogbin
HICK Tech: The Rural Technology Experience
Object Capabilities, Chroot for System Calls
1700Bruce Potter
Finding Bad Guys Can Be Fun
Sam Harmon
Your Circuits, Let Me Help You Bend Them
1800Jeri Ellsworth
CPU Not Required: Making Demos with FPGAs
Jon DeVree
The Nightmare Filesystem
1900Eric Meyer
Beyond the Blue "E" Horizon
Drew Ivan
Wasn't Hypercard Cool?
Bagcam - How Did TSA and/or the Airlines Manage to Do That to Your Luggage?
Dan Sinclair & Sahba Kazerooni
Exploit-Me Series: Firefox Plug-ins for Application Penetration Testing
2100int eighty (of Dual Core) 
2200Whose Slide is it Anyway 
2300Open Jam Session 
Physics of Radio and Wireless Networking Panel Discussion
E-drugs, Pokemon, and the Bhodi Tree: Building a Hardware and Software Environment for Wireheading
1200Alex Papadimoulis
Curious Perversions in Information Technology
Mark Doner
To Boldly Go Where No Broadband Has Gone Before
1300Jake "virt" Kaufman
FM Synthesis - Beyond the Adlib
Smoke & Phreak
Current Election Technologies and How to Improve
1400Jon Broadwell
Creating Something Some People Want But May Not Know It
Nate Graham
New Media Art: Dropping Humanity in Non-Places
1600Jim "Trixter" Leonard
Self-Preservation Mode: Lessions Learned While Archiving Demoscene History
Dead Addict
Permanent Records - Managing Electronic Identities in an Increasingly Paranoid World
1700Pete Edwards & Fred Owsley
Circuit-Bending Will Get You Laid!! (Maybe)
Protecting Your Personal Information
Lock Picking into the New Frontier: From Mechanical to Electronic Locks
Zen and the Art of the Turing Machine
1900Jeremy Anderson
Hacking Habitation: A Computer Nerd's Guide to DIY Construction
Tim Cowley
Automated Psychedelia : Translating Sound Into Color and Motion
2000Leigh Honeywell & Kate Raynes-Goldie
Internets as Serious Business: Academic and Journalistic Perspectives on Net Culture
2130Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry 
0000BlockParty Demo Screening 
1100Anything But Ethernet Wrap-Up 
1200BlockParty Awards Ceremony 
1300Closing Ceremonies 
1400Get the Heck Out! 

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