April 16th - 19th, 2009

Cleveland, Ohio

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FTS Conventures


Games, Events and Performances

Last Updated: 04/11/2009

Tim "Guybrush" CowleyProce55ed Synaesthesia for fun and profitSaturday 1200
Steven DeePassword Strength Presentation and PGP Key-signing PartySaturday 1900
lizardKnitting at (K)Notacon - Stitch & BitchFriday 1200
Steve Mokris & Christopher WrightNSHacker: How to use Objective-C to Reverse-Engineer, Inject New Functionality Into,
and Otherwise Destroy Your Mac.
Saturday 1800
Margaret Anne SchedelFerociously Interactive MediaFriday 1730
Gregory BrownAuralizing Cellular Automata -- Bringing Sound to Conway's Game of LifeFriday 1500
int eighty (of Dual Core) Saturday 2100
NWEAMO Friday 2200
Project RuoriPerformanceFriday 1930
Jess RudolphDottore WhoSaturday 1100
Video and board game roomAll weekend
Rock Band CompetitionSaturday Afternoon
Anything But EthernetContest - see entry for details
Blockparty Wildcard CompoDuring Blockparty Compos - Saturday Night
Gringo WarriorTBD
Whose Slide is it Anyway?Friday 2100
Opening CeremoniesFriday 1100
Cleveland Fark PartyFriday 2000
Jam SessionTBA
MemeDumpFriday Night
Notacon RadioAll Weekend Event
Lock Picking VillageAll Weekend Event
Special Event Ham Radio Station N6CAll Weekend Event
Amateur Radio License Exam SessionSun 0900-1100
Notacon Rant Session: Tell us how it went!Sun 1100
Blockparty Awards CeremonySun 1200
Closing Ceremony & AwardsSun 1230
Gregory Brown
Auralizing Cellular Automata -- Bringing Sound to Conway's Game of Life
Gregory Brown
I have long been fascinated Conway's Game of Life, the familiar cellular automaton created in the 1970s. I recently became curious about finding ways to use the evolutionary and patternistic aspects of the game as a way of generating music. My first attempt was Ichabod (which will form the first part of the presentation) for MIDI piano. Each iterative state is represented by an 88 (number of keys on the keyboard) by 16 (arbitrarily chosen number of attacks per state) grid. The states are then rendered in succession. Over the course of the piece, the initial state is revisited and allowed to evolve with different rules, forming a sort of theme and variations. The second piece in the presentation uses a similar grid-based state and introduces ideas of self-similarity as a way of generating both the individual sounds and the form of the piece as a whole.
Greg holds music degrees from Amherst College (BA), Westminster Choir College (MM), and the University of Georgia (DMA). His primary focus has been in the areas of choral conducting and composition, both of which he currently teaches as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at The College of Wooster (Ohio). His eclectic compositions reflect a wide range of influences, including his undergraduate interest in geology and computer science. One of his choral works was recently premiered in NYC and heard on Sirius/XM radio, and another work featuring live trumpet and pre-recorded electronic sounds will be premiered this February in Tacoma, WA.
Tim "Guybrush" Cowley
Proce55ed Synaesthesia for fun and profit
Tim 'Guybrush' Cowley
Want to play with sound and light? Want to pick people up at parties with cool tech? Want to make tiny amounts of cash doing live visuals for your friends band? Don't feel like spending 50+ hours carving out C++ and HLSL code to do that? Using the OS agnostic Processing (processing.org) platform, this camp will get your hands dirty and your computer (Mac, *nix, or windows) dancing to the music. Guybrush will present short (20 minute) bursts of theory in between hands-on open hacking sessions, aimed at making YOU proficient at creative, real-time graphics. Bring your laptop, a usb mic (your Rock Band mic works great!) your favorite music, and your sense of wonder.
Madman. Genius. Visionary. Psychonaut. Tim has been shoveling triangles as fast as he could since he got his hands on an OpenGL Red book in 1999. Since 2003, he's been making demos with the Northern Dragons. In 2006, he released a WMP viz pack that has blown past 1 million downloads. 2008 he presented an extremely hard to use HLSL-based vis framework at Notacon/BlockParty. Later in 2008 he created a set of real-time music visualizations in processing for a live show for the Seattle band Terrene. Tim is a graphics hacker at Microsoft.
Steven Dee
Password Strength Presentation and PGP Key-signing Party
Information security is hard to get right. Central systems like SSL require trusted third parties and large amounts of infrastructure, and leave themselves prone to attacks. PGP, on the other hand, is a decentralized system that only requires you, a friend, and a computer. This event will begin with a one-hour presentation introducing PGP, public-key cryptography, and information entropy (i.e., the art of counting the bits in your password,) to be followed by a two-hour-long workshop and key-signing party. If you have a laptop, you can generate a key right there; otherwise, get one beforehand and bring a fingerprint to participate.
Steve is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Mathematics at Case Western Reserve University. Currently president of the Case ACM chapter, he founded CWRU Hacker Society, and believes that communicating with each other is one of the most important things hackers can do.
Knitting at (K)Notacon - Stitch & Bitch
Liz has been cross-stitching for 15 years, knitting for 4 years, and has been hosting a weekly Stitch & Bitch in her home for the past three years.
kineme.netSteve Mokris & Christopher Wright
NSHacker: How to use Objective-C to Reverse-Engineer, Inject New Functionality Into, and Otherwise Destroy Your Mac.
Secretly bundled in every shipping Mac since summer 2005 is the combinatoric nexus of realtime multimedia called Quartz Composer. Quartz Composer provides an approachable, accessible interface to popular technologies such as OpenGL (including GLSL), CoreImage, QuickTime, MIDI, OSC, and many other OS X components. We will demonstrate some of the possibilities that can emerge from such a versatile toolkit, and then help attendees begin to experiment with their own creations. We'll also demonstrate some of the Top Secret Inner Workings of Project Ruori Shows, made possible with Quartz Composer combined with some custom plugins we've developed.
kineme.net has been hacking Apple's Quartz Composer since it was publicly released in 2005. We reverse-engineered a technique for adding new functionality to Quartz Composer and have developed dozens of plugins --- mostly open-source --- which have greatly expanded the realm of possibility for realtime interaction using Quartz Composer.
Dual Core
int eighty

Our very own int eighty of Dual Core is back for another year at Notacon. After packing some additional shows under his belt (Defcon, CCC Camp, ShmooCon), he returns with all new music for another entertaining set at Notacon 6.

Dual Core consists of an mc, int eighty, and a producer, c64. The duo create and perform a fusion of hip hop influences combined with smart, witty lyrics about a broad range of topics. The songs cover subjects such as Star Wars, Mega Man, MySpace, super heroes, hip hop and hacking.

To get familiar with their style, check out dualcoremusic.com

NWEAMO - New West Electronic Arts & Music Organization

Experience a performance like no other. These professional musicians will take everything you thought you knew about music and turn it upside down. An experience NOT to be missed.

Due to the nature of the performance, participants are asked to be respectful and avoid entering and leaving the performance space except during intermissions, as you will disrupt the performers and the audience. Buy your drinks ahead of time and bring them in with you!

New West Electronic Arts & Music Organization

Jess Rudolph
Dottore Who
A performance of the grandest production The Confused Greenies have done to date - "Dottore Who", a farce that parodies various science-fiction media and concepts. Because many SF plots and special effects employ technology, this production will combine a live stage show with pre-recorded film, actors interacting with prior footage made by the troupe. One costume includes a motorized and remote-control Dalek and other costumes and props are constructed from recycled materials and thrift store finds used new. After the performance in the time remaining the Greenies are open to discussing their methods and any input on utilizing technology in amateur theatre.
Jess is the founder and head of The Confused Greenies, a theatrical troupe that specializes in a commedia, a masked, improvisational slapstick style. He also normally plays the troupe's zany harlequin fool.
ruori.orgProject Ruori
project ruori performs retro-futuristic electronic music, making use of old-fashioned sound synthesis techniques such as the viola, clarinet, the sound chips of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Commodore 64, and a variety of knives and other kitchen devices --- but relying on modern technology for interactive sequencing and interactive visuals using a suite of commodity and homebrew software. Topics which are commonly tangentially addressed include meaninglessness and absurdity, societal reconceptualization of rationalization, the iron cage, the iron curtain, and the glass ceiling.
project ruori is a top-secret fellowship manufacturing works apparently plagiarized from the communist rubric. We juxtapose concrete music and rock formations, self-referential madlibs, snippets from marketing class recitation, sonograms of top-40 popsongs, and an indeterminate quantity of cordless office supplies to harrass eavesdroppers with an overwhelming intellectual scientific proof. (Just like mother used to make.)
Margaret Anne Schedel
Ferociously Interactive Media
Margaret Anne Schedel is a composer and cellist specializing in the creation and performance of ferociously interactive media. Her works have been performed throughout the United Stated and abroad. While working towards a DMA in music composition at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, her interactive multimedia opera, A King Listens, premiered at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center and was profiled by apple.com. She is working towards a certificate in Deep Listening with Pauline Oliveros and has studied composition with Mara Helmuth, Cort Lippe and McGregor Boyle. She serves as the musical director for Kinesthetech Sense and sits on the boards of the BEAM Foundation, the Electronic Music Foundation Institute, the International Computer Music Association, the New West Electronic Art and Music Organization. She contributed a chapter of Electronic Music and the Studio for the Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music and her article on generative multimedia was recently published in Contemporary Music Review. Her work has been supported by the Presser Foundation, Centro Mexicano para la Música y les Artes Sonoras, and Meet the Composer. As an Assistant Professor of Music at Stony Brook University, she serves as Co-Director of Computer Music and is a core faculty member of cDACT, the consortium for digital art, culture and technology.
Gaming room
Hosted by Jason Viers

New for Notacon 6 wil be a room dedicated to games of all sorts. From console games old and new to board games of all types, we hope the gaming lounge will provide a social gathering place where gamers of all stripes can come, relax and play together.

Rock Band Competition
Hosted by Jason Viers

The Rock Band competition will be a full band, 4player competition. It will be a single song of your choice from a pre-set list (all with similar score ranges). Each instrument can be any difficulty. There will be three prizes available, and the bands that win must be present at the end to accept their award:

Highest Score

Simple enough, just get the highest combined score. Harder difficulties have more notes available, long streaks and combined Overdrives push scores into the stratosphere. **

Rockingest Band

Rockingest Band is in the true spirit of Rock Band - having fun and rocking out! Windmills, freestyle vocals, and drumstick twirling are encouraged. The band that impresses the panel of Notacon judges the most will win this award, and crowd reaction will be considered. Show us your inner rock star!

** The band that wins Highest score will NOT be eligible for Rockingest Band, so come compete and have fun, even if you know you're not the best.

Best Band Name

In addition, we'll be giving a small prize to the band with the name that amuses us the most, subject to the whims of the Notacon judges. All bands are eligible, including winners of the previous two prizes.

The Rock Band competition will start 1pm on Saturday. Signup sheets will be available in the game room, and players MUST sign up by noon. You can signup as a full 4person band, or as a subset/single person, and we'll do our best to do matchups, with no guarantees (it's best to talk to your fellow Notaconers before-hand and get a group together).

Signup space WILL be limited, so get in quickly!

Anything But Ethernet
Hosted by Myself

Too many kids, and a fair share of old farts, think the world runs on cat-5. It just ain't so! From the first smoke-signals and drumbeats of prehistory, to modern muti-gigabit optical links, there's a lot more to communication than just Ethernet frames riding twisted pair. This contest aims to celebrate the long and varied history of communication.

For up to date rules and information, see the Notacon Wiki AbE page.

Blockparty Wildcard Compo
Hosted by Blockparty
For 2008, instead of having our usual Talent Show we will interface with Blockparty even further by encouraging those of you who are interested in the talent show to instead participate in the Wildcard Compo. Get your entries ready!
TOOOL Gringo Warrior
Hosted by Deviant of TOOOL

What happens when a good time goes bad? Imagine you are traveling south of the border and are kidnapped by criminals intent on extortion. Could you use your wits, stealth, and a hidden set of lockpicks to escape to freedom?

This year at Notacon, The Open Organization of Lockpickers will be running a scenario-based game in which contestants must use picking skills to free themselves from evil captors in under five minutes.

The course will offer a variety of locks representing a range of difficulty, allowing participation by people of all skill levels. Points will be awarded based on the time of completion as well as the difficulty of locks attempted. Big fun for all involved and a super-kickass prize for the winner.... come and have fun being a Gringo Warrior!

Whose Slide is it Anyway?
Host to be announced

Picture yourself about to give a presentation in front of hundreds of people... lights shining in your eyes, microphones tuned to amplify your every utterance, video and audio recordings to prove that you in fact did just say that. Imagine that your audience is itching to heckle you or otherwise make your life difficult. Realize you have never before seen the slide show you are about to present on, nor know anything about the topic!

Sound like your worst nightmare? NO! This is "Whose Slide is it Anyway?" Borrowed from the Chaos Computer Club's "Powerpoint Karaoke", and loosely from the show of a similar name, where the points don't matter!

Random personalities, presenters, and maybe even YOU (if you are brave enough), will be put on stage and have 5 minutes to successfully present a small random PowerPoint slide show on a randomly chosen topic. Audience members will vote via boos, hisses, claps, shouts and other utterances.

Come for the laughs! Stay for the embarrassment! We have no idea if this is going to work, but it's worth a shot. Hey, if the CCC can do it, why can't we?

Opening Cermeonies
Featuring Notacon & Blockparty crews
The founders of Notacon and Blockparty kick off the weekend.s festivities and go over some of the highlighted events, presentations as well as covering some of the event ground rules and procedures.
Cleveland Fark Party
Hosted by Notacon and Drew Curtis

Notacon will again be hosting an offical Fark party in the hotel bar, Friday night at 8. Drew will be there! Those not attending Notacon are welcome to join us! Please check the Hotel & Travel page for directions.

Jam Session
A freeform participatory audio experience.

All attendees of Notacon are welcomed to join in as we see how many people and instruments we can cram into one mixer, all performing live.

Some instruments will be provided (guitars, keyboards, turntables and who knows what else). However feel free to bring your own instruments, voice, weird electronic toy, bongo drum or whatever else you have lying around that could theoretically play music of some sort. It will be our goal to provide a MIDI sync for digital instrumentation. Please bring extra cables, mixers, etc. and make sure to label everything if you expect it to be returned!

We intend to break the session into different parts to allow each session to have it's own time and space and, hopefully, its own unique feel.

After the jam session, we will open the stage and turntables to DJs wishing to spin records or perform a live set. A sign-up sheet will be provided.

Hosted by Jason Scott
Jason Scott reprises his crowd-pleasing collage of video clips, Flash movies and other foolishness from the past year and beyond. You never know what to expect...except that you will be amazed, entertained and laughing by the time it's done.
notaconradio Notacon Radio
Presented by Krnlpanik and Jason Scott

The Notacon Radio project is back for another year. We hit the airwaves on Friday and we don't stop until the ball drops on Closing Ceremonies.

This is a great chance to have some fun while you mingle and BS with your fellow Notaconners. We are looking for people who are interested in doing a live (or even pre-recorded) show. It can be art or tech themed, or just consist of random thoughts about life and the universe in general--it's entirely up to you! The only caveat is: NO MUSIC. Our goal is 48+ hours of solid Notacon-interest radio.

Questions? Ideas? A burning desire to ramble for an hour about the elegance of the CPU scheduling algorithm for the MULTIX operating system? Please email the the Notacon radio station manager at krnlpanik@notacon.org or jason@textfiles.com and they will be happy to help.

Also, check out the website: http://www.notaconradio.org/

FOOLS Lock Picking Village
Presented by the Fraternal Order of Locksport

Lock picking is a safe and fun sport that can be shared by anyone. The Fraternal Order of Locksport (FOOLS) will be hosting a lock picking arena where people can buy lock picks, learn how to use them, and witness various bypass and decoding methods. Several locks will be available to test your skills or learn new techniques. We will also have a mounted Group 2 Sargent and Greenleaf safe dial for people to inspect and try their hand at safe cracking.

This year we will also have several sport challenges. Gringo Warrior (presented by TOOOL US) will be here again, along with speed picking towers, and a special contest involving several aspects of security and hacking. We have worked to guarantee that the displays, lectures, and techniques will be unlike any other venue that you may have visited in the past.

This event is for demonstration and educational purposes only. FTS Conventures and Notacon do not condone breaking state or federal law.

Special Event Ham Radio Station N6C
Presented by KC2PIT

This year Notacon will have it's own special event Ham Radio station, N6C. Please see the Notacon Wiki Ham Radio page for more information on the station and how to get involved.

The station will run the entire weekend of Notacon. Anyone interested in Ham Radio or already licensed is invited to participate.

Amateur Radio License Exam Session - Sunday 9:00 AM

Notacon will feature a amateur radio license exam in the N6C room on the second floor. The exact room is yet to be determined. Walk-ins are welcome. Please register for your FRN the FCC website before coming to the VE exam session, so that you do not have to provide your social secuirty number when registering.

More information is available from arrl.org

Notacon Rant Session: Tell us how it went!
Hosted by Froggy

How did your Notacon and Blockparty go? This is your chance to give input directly to those running the event! Without it, we really have no idea what it is you want nor how better to run the event so that everyone can get more out of it! We encourage questions and suggestions. What event was the most fun? What presentation made you think the most? Which demo did you think really deserved top honors? Did you learn anything new this year?

This event wrap-up will include a breakdown of Notacon costs and go over some of the numbers that make Notacon happen.

Make your voice heard! There will also be written feedback forms that will help us to plan for next year.

Blockparty Awards Ceremony
Hosted by Jason Scott and RaDMan

After many intense days of competition, including untold hours spent before Blockparty to compose and develop the various compo submissions, find out who is top dog. Come support the artists, musicians and programmers who put in so much hard work into their entries!

Many awesome prizes will be awarded.

Closing Ceremony & Awards
Hosted by Froggy & the Notacon core team

After three tireless days working the event and 362 days of planning, Froggy will clutch the podium for dear life and give Notacon and Blockparty a final farewell for the year

If he is in the mood, he may hand out awards to the remaining Notacon attendees for whatever categories he comes up with at the last minute. Traveled the furthest to get here? Had the funniest hack of Notacon? You name it, he'll likely think of it. If he's still awake and sane. Prizes will be handed out at his discretion.

RANDOM NOTACON SHOUTOUT: Centracomm - proud network sponsor of Notacon

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