April 16th - 19th, 2009

Cleveland, Ohio

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Name: Jane Doe

Handle: icecr34mgirl

Title: Hacking Ice Cream: Flavors You Never Thought Possible

Format: Presentation followed by demonstration/workshop

Bio: Jane holds a bachelor's of science and is currently pursuing a master's degree from the Department of Ice Cream Studies at Dairy University. She will graduate next May. Her academic experience combined with several internships at the Ben & Jerry's Research Foundation has given her unique insight into the vast potential for new and unusual ice cream flavorings and the special techniques necessary for crafting such flavors.

Summary: What crazy flavors of ice cream have you conceived of but never tried? Bacon ice cream? Perhaps turnip flavors? Or the more exotic moldy cardboard? Executing on these "out-there" flavors may not have seemed viable, but Jane is here to tell you that with the right processes and techniques, almost any flavor, no matter how bizarre is truly achievable. A one-hour presentation on various techniques will be followed by a two hours hands-on demonstration and workshop where you can give a go at making your own, truly inspired flavors of ice cream.

Additional information: Academic papers on my flavor research as well as other samples of my work are available online at www.icecream.dairy.edu/~icecr34mgirl for your perusal.

Time: One hour for the presentation; two hours for the workshop.

Equipment needs and setup: The presentation will use only the provided equipment. I will supply my own ice cream making equipment for the workshop portion. Nothing additional is required. I will probably need 30 minutes to set up the workshop after the presentation and another 30 to tear down at the end.

Email: icecr34mgirl@icecream.dairy.edu


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