April 16th - 19th, 2009

Cleveland, Ohio

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FTS Conventures



Last Updated : 04/06/2009

Presentation dates and times are subject to change. Schedule is accurate as of the day above. We will not be held responsible for speakers that bail on us at the last minute (shame on you if you do!) In the event of a last minute speaker cancellation one of our backup speakers will be inserted.

Room Layouts at the Wyndham

Thurs. West BallroomEast BallroomStillman Room
1900Set-upSet-upFree Sampler
Fri. West Ballroom East BallroomStillman Room
1100Opening Ceremonies  
Injection Rejection, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love Bobby Tables
Michele Martaus
"Pilates" for Common Cubicle Injuries
Knitting at (K)Notacon - Stitch & Bitch
1300Jason Scott
Super Jason Scott Presentation 64
Jeff Keyzer
Hacking the Asus WL-520gU Wireless Router
Bridging the Gap
CG & g0ne
Time To Replicate The Real Threat: Client Side Penetration Testing
Pennies, Pawn Shops, & Persistence: The Creative Process on a Budget
David "ReL1K" Kennedy
Fast-Track: Advanced penetration techniques made easy
Gregory Brown
Auralizing Cellular Automata -- Bringing Sound to Conway's Game of Life
1730Steve Mokris & John Bowditch
Immersive Video: Photogrammetry in Game Development
Christopher Pilkington
Hacking & Amateur Radio--Consumer Telecommunications is for Noobs
Margaret Anne Schedel
Ferociously Interactive Media
Hacking Cognition
Jason Viers
Intro to Go
1930Ed Piskor
Wizzywig: Hacking Out A Graphic Novel
Matt "Zamboni" Neely
Notacon Mythbusters: Is Personal Data Stored on Hotel Keys? Using Magstripe Analysis Tools to Discover the Answer
Project Ruori
2030NWEAMO SetupNe0nRa1n
The Strange & Creepy World of Brain Fingerprinting
2100Whose Slide is it Anyway 
Sat. West BallroomEast BallroomStillman Room
1100droops & Morgellon the Lowtek Mystic
Interactivity with Arduinos, Transducing the Physical World
Adrian "IronGeek" Crenshaw
Hacking Video Tutorial Tips: Getting the point across with screencasting computer videos
Jess Rudolph
Dottore Who
1200Travis Goodspeed
Fun With The MSP430 MCU
Chris Clymer
The State of Apple Security
Tim "Guybrush" Cowley
Proce55ed Synaesthesia for fun and profit
1300Critical Artware
The Artware Development Environment Artware Environment
James "Myrcurial" Arlen
From a Black Hat to a Black Suit - The Econopocalypse Now Edition
1400ultra laser
con.talk.w32.x86 --OR-- stop clicking on those *&*&#$# email attachments, mom!
Mark Lenigan & Kirk Lenigan
The Uses of Disorder: Chaos Theory as it Relates to Demos
1500Tevor Reiter
Going HD without going insane
1700Drew Curtis
The Long Slow Death of Mainstream Media (no really): How We Got Here
Tom "agent0x0" Eston
The Rise of the Autobots: Into the Underground of Social Network Bots
1800Bruce Potter
Building, Securing, & Living With Game Servers
Jeon & Treize
Hacking Light - How we came to love Holga & Other Stories of photo hi jinx
Steve Mokris & Christopher Wright
NSHacker: How to use Objective-C to Reverse-Engineer, Inject New Functionality Into, and Otherwise Destroy Your Mac.
1900George Sanger & Jeri Ellsworth
The Fat Man & Circuit Girl: LIVE!
How to Give Talks & Influence Organizers - Propaganda
Steven Dee
Password Strength Presentation and PGP Key-signing Party
2000Rob "Flack" O'Hara
The World of Free Book Publishing
SigFLUP & Luis
Programming The Sega Genesis For Mad Profit & Crazy Mad Profit
2100int eighty (of Dual Core) 
2130BlockParty Demo Screening 
Sun. West BallroomEast BallroomStillman Room
0900Amateur Radio License Exam Session
1100Notacon Rant Session: Tell us how it went! 
1200Blockparty Awards Ceremony 
1230Closing Ceremony & Awards 
Third Floor
StateVideo and board game room
AllenBlockparty Lounge
Hippodrome BoardroomNotacon Radio
EmbassyHardware Hacking
Hacker Spaces


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