April 16th - 19th, 2009

Cleveland, Ohio

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FTS Conventures


Notacon / BlockParty 2009 was a great success!

We had an amazing speaker lineup, games, events and Performances, and of course BlockParty! If you have a writeup or a picture gallery that you want linked please email froggy or tyger @notacon.org

The new venue kicked a lot of booty, and having the highest attedance ever wans't so shabby either.

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Notacon 6 & Their Special Thursday "Freeview"
This sixth installment of the "hacker conference and tech-geek immersion" (to quote an old pal of ours) starts this Thu 4/16 and runs through the weekend. New this year is the "Free Thursday Preview" where people can come hear out mini-presentations from some of the speakers, try out the Game Room, and just socialize. There's a lot going on at Notacon this go-around...so much so, in fact, that we'll never do it justice in this small of a space. Learn more at http://www.notacon.org.
-- Cool Cleveland

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