April 15th - 18th, 2010

Cleveland, Ohio

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FTS Conventures


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Third Floor
Hardware Hacking
AllenVideo Games
Tabletop Games
Notacon Radio
Network Operations
Mick DouglasSmart Phones are a Smart Choice for PenTestingFri 1300Anything But EthernetContest - see entry for details
Sai EmrysMeditation for HackersSat 1300Whose Slide is it Anyway?Fri 2100
GuybrushProce55ed Synaesthesia for fun and profitFri 1000Rock Band CompetitionSat TBA
GZPhreakHacking the Xbox360 controller for WADS!Sat 1500Notacon Trivia Night!Sat 2200
Gina HoangHey Amigurumi! A crochet tutorialSat 1700Blockparty Wildcard CompoDuring Blockparty Compos - Saturday Night
Ralph HyreTeaching about the future: leveraging technologyFri 2100Hackerspace RoomAll Weekend
The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronic JunkSat TBALock Picking VillageAll Weekend
PerformanceLockpicking Contest - The Defiant Box ChallengeTBA
24 hours the girlirregardless noizehacking: manic minimalism and cautionary soundscapes Sat 1500Notacon RadioAll Weekend
Dual CorePerformanceFri 2000Special Event Ham Radio Station N7CAll Weekend
Project RuoriPerformanceFri 1700Video and board game roomAll weekend
Recycled RainbowBuild Your Own Interactive ExperienceFri NightFark PartyFri Night
Presented by
Sai Emrys
CONLANG - a Columbia University student film by Marta Masferrer and Baldvin KáriFri 1700Amateur Radio License Exam SessionThurs Night
Sun Morning
Notacon Rant Session: Tell us how it went!Sun Morning
Blockparty Awards CeremonySun Morning
Closing Ceremony & AwardsSun Morning
PaulDotCom Mick Douglas
Smart Phones are a Smart Choice for PenTesting
Today's smart phones have enough processing power and the mobility to be on a pentester's short list of needful tools. This talk will show you what you need to do to join in on the fun!
Mick is a white hat hacker who hates the term white hat. He is a member of the PaulDotCom podcast. While he will join in pentests, his passion is network and system defense.
Sai Emrys
Meditation for Hackers
Sai Emrys

At this workshop you'll learn and practice several classes of practical techniques for changing your mindstate both immediately and long-term - without any of the usual dogma, religious proselytization, or woo.

Bonus: you might know about Xenu, but do you know about TR-0 Bullbait and TR-8 Tone 40 on Object? Understanding Scientology's actual internal techniques is critical to understanding why they act the way they do - and to inoculating yourself against similar techniques.

Bring comfy clothes and a willingness to shut your electronics off for two hours.

Sai Emrys taught himself meditation in high school, and while at it, noticed how various traditions' techniques frequently shared common functionality and had idiosyncratic gaps. More recently, he's begun describing these techniques from a hacker's perspective - concentrating on what works why and discarding the religious dogma and woo that so often clouds more "traditional" approaches. An excerpt from an upcoming book, "Meditation for Hackers", was published in 2600 magazine, Summer '08.
Proce55ed Synaesthesia for fun and profit

Want to play with sound and light? Want to pick people up at parties with cool tech? Want to make tiny amounts of cash doing live visuals for your friends band? Don.t feel like spending months carving out C++ and HLSL code to do that? Using the OS agnostic Processing (processing.org) platform, this camp will get your hands dirty and your computer (Mac, *nix, or windows) dancing to the music. Guybrush will present short (20 minute) bursts of theory in between hands-on open hacking sessions, aimed at making YOU proficient at creative, real-time graphics. Bring your laptop, a usb mic or mp3 player and audio cable, an input device . joystick, korg midi-over-usb, or just your keyboard. Essential are your favorite music and your sense of wonder.

Materials for this workshop are available at http://apparentlythisispossible.com/processing/

Madman. Genius. Visionary. Psychonaut. Guybrush has been shoveling triangles as fast as he can since he got his hands on an OpenGL Red book in 1999. Since 2003, he's been making demos with the Northern Dragons. In 2006, he released a WMP viz pack that has blown past 1 million downloads. In 2008 he presented an extremely hard to use HLSL-based vis framework at Notacon/Blockparty. In 2009, he and North American demoscene co-ruler blackpawn teamed up to deliver live visuals for the DataBEEZ west coast chiptunes tour. By day, Guybrush is a graphics hacker in the WPF GFX group at Microsoft.
Hacking the Xbox360 controller for WADS!
Have you ever wanted to use a mouse and keyboard on your favorite console games? I'll show you how I hacked an Xbox 360 controller to do just that!
I have a bachelor's degree in computer science from Michigan Technological University. I work R&D for a major defense contractor and like to hack electronics for fun!
Gina Hoang
Hey Amigurumi! A crochet tutorial
Gina Hoang
Amigurumi are knitted or crocheted stuffed toys. Since I am not a knitter, I will introduce you to the craft of crocheted amigurumi with a hands-on workshop where you will learn the basics of constructing amigurumi and start on the construction of your very own Notacon doll. This workshop will be most useful to those who have at least basic crochet experience, but as long as you can make a bunch of slip knots and like to craft, I'm willing to try to teach you. Limited supplies will be provided for a fee (at cost), for up to 10 people. Alternatively, feel free to bring your own supplies.
Gina is a self-taught crocheter who has been working with fiber and fabric since she was in pre-school. She taught herself to crochet in elementary school because her sister learned to knit, and she wanted to be "different." She then promptly forgot until medical school, when she taught a fellow medical student how to crochet to stay awake in lecture, and has been intermittently crocheting ever since. Be warned, as a self-taught lefty, her way of crocheting may be a little quirky at times.
Ralph Hyre
Teaching about the future: leveraging technology
Ralph Hyre
What does the future hold? Should I be optimistic? Ralph will conduct a workshop/brainstorming session to help design learning experiences for a "futures studies" curriculum for high school students.
Ralph holds a bachelor's degree in cognitive science from MIT. Prior to college, Ralph was a student in an experimental high school "futurology" program in the late 1970s, at a public school in Southwest Ohio.
24 hours the girl
irregardless noizehacking: manic minimalism and cautionary soundscapes
24 hours the girl24 hours the girl
We will perform the music that sometimes sounds like shoegaze or ambient, but does not always fit into just one type. We will do it using a lot of different instruments. some of them will be ones we made ourselves. Every once in a while we will stop making music to explain what we are doing, what we are using, where we got it/how we made it, etc. After the show we will share our toys with our new friends.
24 hours the girl is a band with two members. We make music that sometimes sounds like shoegaze or ambient, but does not always fit into just one type. We often use sounds that we record in everyday life and use computer programs and musical instruments to arrange and compose them into music. To perform this music, we use normal instruments like electric keyboards and also more unusual things like specially changed toys to make the sounds or control the machines. We want our shows to be interesting to look at so we use videos that are made by a computer. (Our friend Steve Mokris talked about this program at last year's Notacon.) We also like to decorate our instruments. Our songs sometimes have words but they are not like normal pop songs. The main ideas of the songs are about many different things. Some are about feeling helpless and others are about being angry. We want to make friends with other musicians.
CONLANG the movieCONLANG - a Columbia University student film by Marta Masferrer and Baldvin Kári
Presened by Sai Emrys


CONLANG, short for constructed language, is a universal story set in the unique world of conlanging. A comedy about secret crushes, extreme linguistics and the language of love, it tells the story of Carl, 26, an unemployed conlang enthusiast. Even though Carl has no trouble creating new languages, he has a hard time finding the words to express his feelings to Libby, his secret crush. One day, Carl has a chance of becoming president of the Constructed Language Society, a club of people joined by their passion for invented languages. But between battling misguided Esperantists and mastering Klingon, will he be able to share his true feelings with the girl he adores?

For more information please visit: www.conlangthemovie.com

Won Honorable Mention at the Boston Sci Fi Film Festival and is an Official Selection of the NYC Downtown Short Film Festival.

Director: Marta Masferrer
Writer/Producer: Baldvin Kari
New Media Producer: Connor Kirsch

ruori.orgProject Ruori
Project Ruori
project ruori performs retro-futuristic electronic music, making use of old-fashioned sound synthesis techniques such as the viola, clarinet, the sound chips of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Commodore 64, and a variety of knives and other kitchen devices --- but relying on modern technology for interactive sequencing and interactive visuals using a suite of commodity and homebrew software. Topics which are commonly tangentially addressed include meaninglessness and absurdity, societal reconceptualization of rationalization, the iron cage, the iron curtain, and the glass ceiling.

project ruori is a top-secret fellowship manufacturing works apparently plagiarized from the communist rubric. We juxtapose concrete music and rock formations, self-referential madlibs, snippets from marketing class recitation, sonograms of top-40 popsongs, and an indeterminate quantity of cordless office supplies to harrass eavesdroppers with an overwhelming intellectual scientific proof. (Just like mother used to make.)

But, more seriously, the group of people representing project ruori has been performing together around the Midwest and East Coast a few times per year since 1998, and has released a few albums and a peculiar sort of feature-length film.

Recycled RainbowRecycled Rainbow
Build Your Own Interactive Experience
Recycled Rainbow hosts a configurable environment, inviting Notacon participants to build, change and augment their surroundings as the event unfolds. To participate, simply send your music, sound, images and video to http://recycledrainbow.org/notacon from now until Notacon. Then attend on Friday night to see your content mixed with the other community contributed images and sound.
For eight years Recycled Rainbow has been hacking audio art, space, community, language and culture. For the past three years, Recycled Rainbow has set on dismantling and reassembling the ideas of temporary community to reconfigure the concepts underlying community, space, culture and festivals. Every September for four days, Recycled Rainbow provides a temporary space for participants to engage, create, experience and reconfigure their surroundings, community and selves. If art is the technology of the soul, Recycled Rainbow is the garage workshop. http://www.recycledrainbow.org
Video and Board Game Room
Hosted by Jason Viers

Returning to Notacon 7 is the gaming room. From consoles games old and new to board games of all types, we hope the gaming lounge will provide a social gathering place where gamers of all stripes can come relax and play together. Board game demos will be occurring in this space, check back for more details, or visit the game room during the con to find a schedule.

Game Workshops

There are some awesome board games out there. You might have seen your friends playing them, but never took the time to learn them. Notacon game workshops highlight some of the best, with explanation of the rules and friendly games afterward to help people get the hang of it.

Dominion Saturday, 12pm

Rule over your dominion! A deck building card game where the game itself is building your deck. Purchase treasures, victory cards, and kingdom cards as you play the game to build the most powerful deck. Dominion won the Purcase Spiel des Jahres in 2009 (Game of the Year).

Robo Rally Saturday, 2pm

Guide your robot around a dangerous factory filled with conveyer belts, lasers, pits, and more. Lay out your program cards to instruct your robot, push your opponnents into harm's way, and be the first to touch all the checkpoint flags. Robo Rally and its expansions have won a total of four Origin Awards for outstanding work in the game industry.

Rock Band Competition
Hosted by Jason Viers

Rock Band 1, Rock Band 2, and 128 downloaded tracks aren't going to play themselves. The Rock Band competition is back again this year! Same rules, bands play 1 song from the list announced at Notacon, awards are given out for the following categories:

Highest Score

Simple enough, just get the highest combined score. Harder difficulties have more notes available, long streaks and combined Overdrives push scores into the stratosphere. **

Rockingest Band

Rockingest Band is in the true spirit of Rock Band - having fun and rocking out! Windmills, freestyle vocals, and drumstick twirling are encouraged. The band that impresses the panel of Notacon judges the most will win this award, and crowd reaction will be considered. Show us your inner rock star!

** The band that wins Highest score will NOT be eligible for Rockingest Band, so come compete and have fun, even if you know you're not the best.

Best Band Name

In addition, we'll be giving a small prize to the band with the name that amuses us the most, subject to the whims of the Notacon judges. All bands are eligible, including winners of the previous two prizes.

Signup sheets will be available in the game room, and players MUST sign up by Saturday at 2pm. You can signup as a full 4-person band, or as a subset/single person, and we'll do our best to do matchups, with no guarantees (it's best to talk to your fellow Notaconers before-hand and get a group together).

Boss Battle

The 4-headed superbeast known as Team Notacon returns to feast upon the souls of the contestants. The top scoring team will go out of the frying pan, inside the fire as Team Notacon challenges them to one more song. Additional prizes will go to the team if they manage to best the beast! Team Notacon will announce the song at the competition, although hints may be given beforehand.

Anything But Ethernet
Hosted by Myself

Too many kids, and a fair share of old farts, think the world runs on cat-5. It just ain't so! From the first smoke-signals and drumbeats of prehistory, to modern muti-gigabit optical links, there's a lot more to communication than just Ethernet frames riding twisted pair. This contest aims to celebrate the long and varied history of communication.

For up to date rules and information, see the Notacon Wiki AbE page.

Blockparty Wildcard Compo
Hosted by Blockparty
Starting in 2008, instead of having our usual Talent Show we will interface with Blockparty even further by encouraging those of you who are interested in the talent show to instead participate in the Wildcard Compo. Get your entries ready!
TOOOL Lockpicking Contest - The Defiant Box Challenge
Hosted by Deviant

So, you think you're skilled at picking open locks? And you've mastered the art of picking out of handcuffs? Well, what do you say about a contest that pits you against both of those challenges simultaneously? We know what you're thinking... "The Gringo Warrior contest last year did that already!" But, there's a twist...

In the tradition of the classic 1958 film "The Defiant Ones" this contest is played by /paired/ teammates... who must tackle the challenge of a series of locks while they are shackled together. The handcuffs come off... but that's the last thing you remove.

Can you coordinate your efforts smoothly? Can you reach for your own tools without disturbing your partner's movements? Can you escape in under five minutes without killing each other? The contest will be running in the Lockpick Village area (time TBD) and may be limited to a dozen teams, so email Deviant Ollam to sign up now if you're interested! deviant@deviating.net

Dual Core is a nerdcore hip hop group formed by int0x80 (eighty), a programmer from Cincinnati, and c64 (six-four), a graphic designer from the UK. The group has played shows all over, including Defcon, the CCC Camp, Toorcon, Notacon, and Shmoocon. Their newest album, Next Level, can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon, at http://dualcoremusic.com, or pirated on bittorrent.
The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk
TGIMBOEJ, The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk is a progressive lending library of electronic components. This pay-it-forward style hardware sharing program, started by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, has been going strong for several years and this year NOTACON is going to contribute. The project is somewhere halfway between P2P zip-archive sharing and a flea market. People, just like you, send and receive USPS flat-rate boxes filled to the brim with electronic treasures. It arrives full of wonderful (and possibly useless) parts, but you will surely find some inspiration (and components) to keep. THIS IS OUR CHALLENGE TO YOU AS A NOTACON PARTICIPANTS: look through your own piles of electronic junk, such as they are, and find mysterious components that clearly need to be donated to the box before it is passed on. Our goal is to send out over a dozen of these boxes so bring what you have. See http://tgimboej.org/Main_Page for more information specifically on the project.
Notacon Trivia Night!
Hosted by rogueclown
Pub trivia nights are great, but haven't you always wished there were a few more questions about the kinds of interests that bring you to Notacon? Congratulations, you're getting your wish! Join your host rogueclown for a fun game of trivia about technology, art, and the hacker world. Teams of up to four people can participate, and the questions in each round will range from easy to head-scrachingly difficult.
nicolle neulist, otherwise known as rogueclown, is a trivia nut. For every bit of useful knowledge in her brain, there are several bits of randomness that she picked up along the way. This makes her a formidable opponent at Trivial Pursuit as well as at pub trivia, which she has been playing since she was old enough to get into a pub. Since June of 2009, she has been the co-host of Monday night trivia at Chief O'Neill's, a bar right down the street from her hackerspace, Pumping Station: One. Her favourite nugget of trivia is the fact that Burger World in Beavis and Butt-Head was named after Big Edna's Burger World in the Weird Al movie UHF.
Whose Slide is it Anyway?
Host rogueclown

Picture yourself about to give a presentation in front of hundreds of people... lights shining in your eyes, microphones tuned to amplify your every utterance, video and audio recordings to prove that you in fact did just say that. Imagine that your audience is itching to heckle you or otherwise make your life difficult. Realize you have never before seen the slide show you are about to present on, nor know anything about the topic!

Sound like your worst nightmare? NO! This is "Whose Slide is it Anyway?" Borrowed from the Chaos Computer Club's "Powerpoint Karaoke", and loosely from the show of a similar name, where the points don't matter!

Random personalities, presenters, and maybe even YOU (if you are brave enough), will be put on stage and have 5 minutes to successfully present a small random PowerPoint slide show on a randomly chosen topic. Audience members will vote via boos, hisses, claps, shouts and other utterances.

Come for the laughs! Stay for the embarrassment! We have no idea if this is going to work, but it's worth a shot. Hey, if the CCC can do it, why can't we?

Opening Ceremonies
Featuring Notacon & Blockparty crews
The founders of Notacon and Blockparty kick off the weekend.s festivities and go over some of the highlighted events, presentations as well as covering some of the event ground rules and procedures.
Cleveland Fark Party
Hosted by Notacon

Notacon will again be hosting an offical Fark party in the hotel bar, Friday night at 8. Those not attending Notacon are welcome to join us! Please check the Hotel & Travel page for directions.

notaconradio Notacon Radio
Presented by Krnlpanik

The Notacon Radio project is back for another year. We hit the airwaves on Friday and we don't stop until the ball drops on Closing Ceremonies.

This is a great chance to have some fun while you mingle and BS with your fellow Notaconners. We are looking for people who are interested in doing a live (or even pre-recorded) show. It can be art or tech themed, or just consist of random thoughts about life and the universe in general--it's entirely up to you! The only caveat is: NO MUSIC. Our goal is 48+ hours of solid Notacon-interest radio.

Questions? Ideas? A burning desire to ramble for an hour about the elegance of the CPU scheduling algorithm for the MULTICS operating system? Please email the the Notacon radio station manager at krnlpanik@notacon.org and he will be happy to help.

Also, check out the website: http://www.notaconradio.org/

Makers' Alliance | hackerspaces.org Hackerspace Room
Presented by Makers' Alliance
Hackerspace Room Notacon 7
Cleveland Locksport Lock Picking Village
Presented by Cleveland Locksport

Come try your hand at the fun and exciting sport of lockpicking! The Cleveland Locksport Group will be hosting the lockpick village at this year's Notacon. With a little help from our friends at FOOLS and TOOOL we will be providing an assortment of locks, demonstrations, games, and training sessions. The village is open to pickers of all skill levels, we will happily teach lockpick newbies, and pick sets will be available for those without. A schedule of Lockpick Village events will be posted in the village.

The Lockpick Village is sponsored by Secure State.

This event is for demonstration and educational purposes only. FTS Conventures, Notacon, and the Cleveland Locksport group neither condone nor advocate breaking any local, state, or federal law.

Lockpick Connect 4 Tournament - 11PM Saturday Night

Lining up 4 colored plastic disks is way too easy. This is a new twist on the old classic: to claim a spot, you've got to pick the lock! Think you're a better picker than your friends? Pick their lock and steal their spot! We will have this game available in the Lockpick Village all weekend for you to practice on, with the official tournament Saturday night. There will be some nice prizes for the winners, courtesy of Secure State.

Special Event Ham Radio Station N7C
Presented by KC2PIT

Returning again, special event Ham Radio station, N7C. Please see the Notacon Wiki Ham Radio page for more information on the station and how to get involved.

The station will run the entire weekend of Notacon. Anyone interested in Ham Radio or already licensed is invited to participate.

Amateur Radio License Exam Session - Thursday Night & Sunday Morning

Notacon will feature a amateur radio license exam. The exact room is yet to be determined. Walk-ins are welcome. Please register for your FRN the FCC website before coming to the VE exam session, so that you do not have to provide your social security number when registering.

More information is available from arrl.org

Notacon Rant Session: Tell us how it went!
Hosted by Froggy and Tyger

How did your Notacon and Blockparty go? This is your chance to give input directly to those running the event! Without it, we really have no idea what it is you want nor how better to run the event so that everyone can get more out of it! We encourage questions and suggestions. What event was the most fun? What presentation made you think the most? Which demo did you think really deserved top honors? Did you learn anything new this year?

This event wrap-up will include a breakdown of Notacon costs and go over some of the numbers that make Notacon happen.

Make your voice heard! There will also be written feedback forms that will help us to plan for next year.

Blockparty Awards Ceremony
Hosted by Jason Scott and RaDMan

After many intense days of competition, including untold hours spent before Blockparty to compose and develop the various compo submissions, find out who is top dog. Come support the artists, musicians and programmers who put in so much hard work into their entries!

Many awesome prizes will be awarded.

Closing Ceremony & Awards
Hosted by the Notacon core team

After three tireless days working the event and 362 days of planning, Froggy will clutch the podium for dear life and give Notacon and Blockparty a final farewell for the year

If he is in the mood, he may hand out awards to the remaining Notacon attendees for whatever categories he comes up with at the last minute. Traveled the furthest to get here? Had the funniest hack of Notacon? You name it, he'll likely think of it. If he's still awake and sane. Prizes will be handed out at his discretion.

RANDOM NOTACON SHOUTOUT: Amplex - bringing network access to Notacon

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