April 15th - 18th, 2010

Cleveland, Ohio

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Press Policy

Updated 1/26/2008

contact: press2008@notacon.org


Notacon is a new concept in conferences which migrates away from "straight" computer events. Topics will range from computer and network security techniques to avant-garde artistic performances. Notacon serves to showcase innovative and creative people and projects. Notacon participants are interested in technology and the arts and range from high school students to senior citizens.

Notacon would like the press to share in this unique experience. Please read the following requirements and rules before requesting a press badge.


The standard fee for a press badge will be $50 (non-refundable) per member of a news organization. We prefer press badges to be purchased ahead of time, but they will also be available at the door. There is a limit of 2 press badges per organization, if more are required contact us before April 4, 2008 for special consideration.

To request a press badge, send the following required information to press2008@notacon.org:

We encourage you to include references of past work and reserve the right to request them if we do not have direct experience with your organization. If you are planning to buy your press badge at the door, we require the above information in the form of: ID, a business card, or other professional credentials.


Notacon is a private event. We ask all journalists, photographers and video crews to respect the privacy of all participants. For example: some participants may not wish to be photographed.

  1. We ask that no video or audio recording be made of presentations or events without express permission of the conference organizers. Presentations will be recorded by Notacon directly and these recordings will be available for purchase during the conference. After the conference, all recordings will be available online under a creative commons license. For an example of previous recordings, please see the media archives.
  2. No video or audio recording may be made of any conference attendee without the attendee's permission. This includes pan shots of the audience during a presentation. Attendees in "public" areas such as lounges, hang-out rooms, etc. may be photographed, but if someone asks you to point your camera elsewhere please be courteous.
  3. Badges must be worn at all times while on the premises.
  4. Some attendees may be under 18 years of age. The organizers of Notacon will not be checking ages of attendees, presenters or anyone else at the door. If age is a concern for you, please screen your subjects.
  5. FTS Conventures and the Notacon staff take no responsibility for the actions of its attendees. You are assumed to be covering the event "At your own risk". This includes the security of your equipment.

These rules are not all inclusive. The organizers of Notacon reserve the right to impose additional restrictions or rules.

Amenities: Space on-site for crews will be made available on a time and space available basis. Advance warning would be appreciated for any large-scale recording or reporting as space is severely limited. During the event it will be difficult for us to handle last minute needs, but we will do our best to accomodate any special requests.

If you have any questions or special needs please contact press2008@notacon.org. Should you need anything during the con, contact any staff member and we will try to assist you.


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