April 15th - 18th, 2010

Cleveland, Ohio

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FTS Conventures



Last Updated : 04/14/2010

Presentation dates and times are subject to change. Schedule is accurate as of the day above. We will not be held responsible for speakers that bail on us at the last minute (shame on you if you do!) In the event of a last minute speaker cancellation one of our backup speakers will be inserted.

Room Layouts at the Wyndham

Thurs. West BallroomHanna
1900Free Sampler 
2030Amateur Radio License Exam Session
0945Opening Ceremonies
1000Mick Douglas
U R Doin it Wrong Info Disclosure over P2P Networks
Scott Dunlop
NoSpex -- Giving Process Interaction a Visual Context
Proce55ed Synaesthesia for fun and profit
1100Sacha DeAngeli
Mine's Smaller Than Yours: Nanotechnology and Chemistry in a DIY Setting
Tod Detre & Gina Hoang
Computer Geeks can do humanitarian work too
Thinking Outside the Mushroom Kingdom: Homebrew VS Piracy in Video Games
1300Eli Skipp
Homewreckery: Soft Circuits, HARD-CORE!
Brad Smith
Stealing from God!
Mick Douglas
Smart Phones are a Smart Choice for PenTesting
Thinking Outside the Mushroom Kingdom: Homebrew VS Piracy in Video Games (round table)
1400Christina "Fabulous" Pei
How to Finance a Supercomputer in Three Easy Steps
Emily Schooley
Independent Filmmaking - Bringing Your Ideas from Paper to the Screen, and Everything in Between
 Joe Peacock
The Art Of Akira - Why Doing It The Hard Way Matters
1500Sai Emrys
Conlanging 101
Nicolle "rogueclown" Neulist
Hey, Don't Call That Guy A Noob: Toward a More Welcoming Hacker Community
1600Thomas Fritz
Bots and copper: Milling circuit boards
1700int eighty
Malicious PDF Analysis
Project Ruori
Presented by Sai Emrys
CONLANG - a Columbia University student film by Marta Masferrer and Baldvin Kári (30 min)
1800Eleanor Saitta
Playing with the Built City
Why Your Software Project Sucks (and how to make it not suck)
1900Dead Addict
Hidden Trust relationships, an exploration
Seth Chromick
The Past, Present, and Future of Advanced Attacks
 Emily Schooley
Independent Filmmaking - Bringing Your Ideas from Paper to the Screen, and Everything in Between (workshop)
2000David Kennedy
The Social-Engineering Toolkit (SET) - Putting cool back into SE
Jeff "ghostnomad" Kirsch
The Haiku of Security: Complexity through Simplicity
Recycled Rainbow A/V setup
Whose Slide is it Anyway?   
2200Recycled Rainbow   
1100Adrian Crenshaw
Angus Blitter
?Do You Want To Play A Game??: Game Theory And Simulated Cyber War
 Ralph Hyre
Teaching about the future: leveraging technology (1.5 hr)
1200James Arlen, Chris Clymer, Mick Douglas and Brandon Knight
Social Engineering Security Into Your Business
Tottenkoph & Ne0nRa1n
Newbie Neurohacking
1300Tiffany Rad
Hacking Your Car: Reverse Engineering Protocols, Legalities and the Right to Repair Act
Steve Erdman
Defense In-Depth: Penetration starts with a Lack of System Hardening
 Sai Emrys
Meditation for Hackers
1400Dan Zarrella
Memetic Engineering
James Arlen, Leigh Honeywell, Tiffany Rad and Jillian Loslo
Hacking The Future: Weaponizing the Next Generation
1500Melissa Barron
Hacking 73H 0r3g0n 7r41L for the Apple ][ (30 min)
24 hours the girl
irregardless noizehacking: manic minimalism and cautionary soundscapes
Hacking the Xbox360 controller for WADS!
1600Marc Canter
Building a Digital City
1700TBATom Eston, Chris Clymer, Matthew Neely, The Confused Greenies
Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
 Gina Hoang
Hey Amigurumi! A crochet tutorial
1800Dan Zarrella
Memetic Engineering Panel
Mark Stanislav
What's a Linux?: Creating & teaching college courses at 24
1900Matt Joyce
A treatise on optoelectronics in art and electronic design.
James Arlen
SCADA and ICS for Security Experts: How to avoid cyberdouchery
2000Peter Nitsch
Flash Hackery
Eleanor Saitta
Designing the Future of Sex
2100Blockparty Setup 
Dual Core
2200Nicolle "rogueclown" Neulist
Notacon Trivia Night!

Sun. Ballroom Hanna
900Amateur Radio License Exam Session
1100Making of Notacon 2010
1130Notacon Rant Session: Interactive
1230Events Wrap-up and Awards
1400Forceful ejection from the premises and cleanup


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