April 15th - 18th, 2010

Cleveland, Ohio

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FTS Conventures


Notacon / BlockParty 2010 was our best year so far!

We had an amazing speaker lineup, games, events and Performances, and our last pair up with BlockParty! If you have a writeup or a picture gallery that you want linked please email tyger @notacon.org

We surpassed last years attendance numbers, and completely changed around our layout to make more efficient use of the space at the Wyndham. This made it feel like there were less people around, but we guarantee you that was not the case.

Notacon Blog

Notacon 2010: Your Friendly Neighborhood Security Conference
Overall I would say despite the fact this conference is nowhere near as large or as technical as some of the others, it is close to home and great venue. Look forward to Notacon 8 in 2011.
-- Hurricane Labs

NOTACON 7 (2010) continues to deliver a unique experience
More importantly than the conference though, are the people who make the conference more than just another U.S. technology "to-do". NOTACON is, has been, and I hope will continue to be, one of most interesting mixture of talents and brillance you can ask for.
-- uncompiled.com

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RANDOM NOTACON SHOUTOUT: Rentech Solutions rocks! (rentech-solutions.com)

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