Blockparty Speakers List Finalized

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Jan 262008

The Blockparty Speakers List has now hit 1.0 and is shipping. As part of the Blockparty @ Notacon event, we have a collection of demoscene-related speakers providing seminars and presentations that are woven into the other Notacon speakers. There’s no extra cost to see them and pretty much all will be hanging out throughout the weekend. The Blockparty website has all their information and biographies, and here’s the short list:

  • The Fat Man: Art Behind Enemy Lines: A Target-Rich Environment
  • Jake “virt” Kaufman: FM Synthesis – Beyond the Adlib
  • Fred Owsley: Circuit-Bending Will Get You Laid!! (Maybe)
  • Jim “Trixter” Leonard: Self-Preservation Mode: Lessons Learned While Archiving Demoscene History
  • Jeri Ellsworth: CPU Not Required: Making Demos with FPGAs
  • Tim Cowley: Automated Psychedelia : Translating sound into color and motion
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