Recycled Rainbow presents: Primer (may 23rd, 24th, 25th)

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May 202009

Hey gang! A bunch of us local to Cleveland will be attending Recycled Rainbow’s Primer event this weekend. Our goal is to test a lot of our structures and ideas not only for Recycled Rainbow, later in the year, but also for Notacon on Toor, our pilgrimage to Toorcamp over July 4th weekend.

Please read the message below from everyman, one of Recycled Rainbow’s primary organizers.

Hope to see you there!

Many of you have seen fliers for an event called Recycled Rainbow. To clarify, Recycled Rainbow has nothing to do with rainbow festivals or recycling.

Froggy best described it as “a blank canvas upon which you can make your own statement and define your own experience in the context of everyone else’s experiences within the same space and time.”

Very true! We are in fact inspired by the Burning Man festival. Everything is organized, built and paid for by volunteers with their own resources. There are no trash cans, so you’ll have to pack your trash out with you. There are no vendors, so you have to bring enough food, drink and whatever else you need for four days. There are no schedules or rules, so you’ll have to make things happen yourself and respect your neighbor.

THIS message isn’t about RR, however, it is about the upcoming Primer.

Primer is a pre-event providing people who have never been to RR a chance to meet the people involved in their natural habitat as well as get a flavor of the RR event. It’s also an opportunity for people building projects to prototype them in an environment more primitive than they will experience at RR.

This year’s RR PRIMER will last for three days and two nights giving people with projects more time to prototype and test and visitors more time and more opportunities to visit and experience a taste of this intensely participatory experiment in preparation, decentralization, respect, responsibility and uncertainty!

PRIMER is being held at the same location is was last year:

Crystal Springs Campground
31478 Bagley Rd
North Ridgeville, OH 44039
May 23, 24 and 25, 2009
(Memorial Day weekend)

Our entrance is to the right of the brown building immediately ahead of you as you leave Bagley road.

A sign will be visible during the day.


There are children at play all over the campground!

Admission is $10, payable at the gate (found to the immediate right of the building that stands in front of you as you leave Bagley road and enter Crystal Springs.).

It’s no coincidence that PRIMER is being held Memorial Day weekend, the same weekend that RR used to be held in the house. Come join us even if you aren’t planning on camping with us. We’d love to see you and think you’ll enjoy participating!

There is no electricity or water in the area where PRIMER is held, making it even more interesting and fun. You will have to bring your own supplies. We strongly encourage you to buy your supplies, lumber, electrical doo-dads, refreshments, food and any last-minute items from local North Ridgeville merchants. SUPPORT THE LOCAL ECONOMY!


Participants building projects at PRIMER may have their materials delivered on Friday May 22. You must be present when materials are delivered and you may store your materials in the “pavilion”. If you are storing materials, you must keep your materials together and label them clearly as belonging to you.

Participants wishing to camp and work Friday night are more than welcome to. If you arrive before our greeters, you will be approached for your $10 admission Friday night or Saturday morning.

You must supply your own electricity. There is no electricity available at the campground.

We look forward to seeing you this year!

For more information on Primer:

For more information on Recycled Rainbow itself:

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