Get your dose of the DailyWTF at Notacon!

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Mar 032008

Do you enjoy seeing cryptic error messages so unexplainable that you simply sit dumb-founded looking at your screen? Perhaps you have seen such poorly written code that it must have been written as a joke, until you talk to the clueless developer and realize that it really what they intended to write? If so, we encourage you to attend Alex Papadimoulis’ presentation, “Curious Perversions in Information Technology” during Notacon!

Alex is an editor of the immensely popular website The Daily WTF. The site provides a regular dose of amusing stories, screenshots, cluelessly written code and other golden nuggets as submitted by numerous contributors. His presentation will be a mix of some of his favorite Daily WTF entries and stories as well as his thoughts on software and the industry as a whole.

Register now for Notacon and check out our presenters. Time is running out, so act now!

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