Notacon 11 is on!

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Jun 192013

It is with great pride and humble appreciation that I can announce that Notacon 11 is ON!  This year’s vendors are now paid and a small amount of money is available to keep the wheels moving in preparation for 2014!  Community outpouring from our sponsorship drive was amazing.  A number of people helped out in a big way and I do not have the right words to say, “Thanks!”

This fundraiser, though, was only the start to what will be a new chapter for Notacon.  A decade ago we broke ground with a different kind of hacker conference.  Our aim was to take hacking back to it’s roots of exploring technology, engaging curiosity and building community.   Each year we incrementally built upon the previous year’s success by tweaking the formula bit by bit.  Over that same period of time, we’ve also seen many other local, regional and national events fill in the niches and cracks not covered by larger events.  We’ve also seen the rise of “Maker” culture, DIY and the hacker space.  It’s been wonderful to see a lot of my ideas come to fruition and gain traction independently throughout our community.  I only hope that Notacon was at least some small part in bringing attention to these endeavors.

It’s time, though, to create a new vision for Notacon that pays homage to our already great traditions.  Building this new vision will require input from all of you.  We want to know what aspects of Notacon you like, which are past their prime and what you think we need to pay more attention to.  Over the next couple of months we want to egage all of you to help us define what you want Notacon to be about for the next 10 years!

We want you to join our team and be a part of the process and join our team.  If you’re interested, please contact me.  Many of our core staff and volunteers do not live local to Cleveland, so don’t feel like you need to be one to make Notacon awesome!  Likewise, we can always use more sponsorship to help us cover event costs.  Soon you will be able to earmark your sponsorship for a specific area of the event, (badges, food/beverages, freebies, performances by recognized artists, etc.) .

Thanks again for your support, you’ll hear from us soon regarding our next steps!   Dates and venue will be announced soon as well.


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