PixelJam is on!

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Apr 062012

As many of you know, PixelJam is the highlight of our event culminating on Saturday night with entry screenings. 

We keep PixelJam organized through use of a system called partymeister, conveniently hosted at:

In addition to accepting competition submissions, the system also includes:

  • Our full schedule of events that we can keep updated in real-time
  • Room and ride sharing before and during the party
  • Food run organization
  • Notifications from us, your humble Notacon organizers 🙂

All PixelJam competitions eligible for remote entries are now open.  If you’re attending Notacon and PixelJam (and we sure hope you do!), get your entries ready.  Check out the PixelJam site for more information and full contest rules.

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