PixelJam compos and rules now posted.

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Feb 092012

As Notacon and PixelJam approach, we thought it appropriate to launch the new and updated PixelJam 2012 website, complete with all of our compos and rules (which, of course, may be subject to some change).

What’s new this year?  Check it out!

  • Most competitions now allow for remote entries.  Submit yours and become famous!
  • PixelJam is teaming up with the creative minds behind the criticalartware glitch/artware crew.  We’ve officially included a glitch/artware category as well as a unique category called newGame++, which in a lot of ways is a take on our old “Anything but Ethernet contest”, but applied to video games.
  • Since games are a big part of the event, we added a separate video game category.  Entrants can submit their video games for play testing by the voters and can demonstrate their game during the party.
  • Our new Combined Demo category allows for both new and oldskool entries.
  • Our new Freestyle Music category is open to all music, tracked and non-tracked.  If it’s music, you can enter it!
  • Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!  We are still working on all of the final details, but we are working on providing big cash prizes for some of our major categories.  If you’re interested in providing prizes, please let us know

Of course, we are revamping and improving our PixelJam lounge with new places to play and more room to work.   We’ll still have the same awesome projector and audio system to showcase all of our entries, so prepare yourself for an awesome show!

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