Meet the Presenter: Meecie

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Mar 212013

We’re getting the series started a bit later than we had hoped, but welcome to this year’s round of Notacon’s “Meet the Presenter” series!  We start off this year’s series with meecie who is presenting DIY Neuroscience, EMGs, EEGs, and other recordings.”

Who do you feel would benefit most from your presentation?
Anyone interested in neurohacking and looking at some of the DIY projects available (and thoughts on how to hack them to do other things, too)

Why do you believe your topic is important and/or interesting to Notacon participants?
Biology is cool! Hopefully I can share some of my enthusiasm, if nothing else.

What about participating in Notacon attracted you the most?
I have a friend who is fond of saying “I always thought someone should do something about that, and then I realized I was somebody.” I feel the same way. I wanted to see more options for neuro-and-bio hacking presentations, so I guess I’d better be willing to chip in, right?

Join us for this talk and many others as well as games, events and contests at Notacon 10!

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