Missing items from the Hackerspace room.

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Apr 262010

Immediately following Notacon this year, we learned of some items being taken from the Hackerspaces room, which was being run this year by Makers’ Alliance. We were very saddened to hear this news, as the equipment taken was available for sale from one of our big supporters, Mitch Altman. While we like to think that the thefts were purely a misunderstanding, the quantity of items taken is a great concern to Notacon staff.

While Notacon does have a visible security staff, some decisions were made which made it easier for these items to be taken. We will be correcting some of these issues in the future, but would like the community to band together to figure out who took these items. If you accidentally took a kit, not realizing the items were left there for display or for sale, please either return the items to Mitch, or send payment. For more information see the NYC Resistor blog or the Make: article.

If you did not take any of these items from the room but would like to assist Mitch in being able to restock his kits and continue his classes across the various cons, consider donating.

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