Meet the Presenter: Piko Piko Detroit

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Apr 022013

New this year is the group Piko Piko Detroit. Recruited from Detroit (obvious by the name) they are active in the making and hacking community on the side of creating musical devices. Come see them spread the love and collaborate with CartRAGE from Cincinnati as well as any other chiptune or 8-bit artists who happen to be in attendance. “Piko Piko Detroit: 8-Bit Cultural Netlabel/Collective/Community”

Who do you feel would benefit most from your presentation?
We want people, especially in the Midwest region, to know that people with similar interests exist, and help build a bigger and stronger community for future events.

Why do you believe your topic is important and/or interesting to Notacon participants?
Our community and projects are based on chiptune and 8-bit cultures, which is fullheartedly diy in hacking old hardware like gameboys and computers. Our goal is to inspire our community to produce artwork that can make impact to our societies.

What about participating in Notacon attracted you the most?
Notacon is very reputable, and is different from ‘conventions’. This is a great opportunity and a chance to learn new things.

Any final thoughts or statements you’d like to share with the community.
Good luck with all your preparations!

Join us for this talk and many others as well as games, events and contests at Notacon 10!

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