Fatman and Circuit Girl

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Feb 122009

At last year’s Blockparty at Notacon, George “The Fat Man” Sanger and Jeri Ellsworth met for the first time. Shortly after meeting they created an entry for the wild competition and wowed us all. Well, they kept that collaboration going and have been sharing it with the world through videos that showcase the various projects and inventions they have been working on.

I’ve unfortunately only been able to watch 2 of the episodes so far, with my life so full of Notacon and that annoying thing called a full time job. I definitely plan to catch one of their live shows and participate if I can manage enough free time. I’m already entranced by Mr. Sanger’s views on creativity and music and want to learn more.

I’m in awe of the brains on these two and look forward to seeing what new information they’ll have in April, when they present Fat Man and Circuit Girl Live at Blockparty 3!!

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