Notacon 11 Call For Proposals Is Now Open!

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Dec 032013

We are pleased to announce that Call for Proposals for Notacon 11 is officially open.   Over the past 10 years you, the community, have submitted some excellent ideas.  Seeing what’s in store for this year is an incredibly exciting prospect for all of the Notacon staff!

In addition, this year we are putting the majority of proposal submissions up for a vote to registered Notacon 11 participants!  Never before has an event like ours given so much power over the content of the event to the people attending it.  While this is certainly a big experiment on our part, we’re confident we’ll end up with a great selection of selections for April!

Later in the week we will go into more detail of how this proposal acceptance system will work.  Until then, get those proposals written and sent in!


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