Notacon on Toor: Toorcamp 2009

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Apr 272009

Notacon will be hosting the Notacamp theme camp at the inaugural Toorcamp, to be held July 2nd through July 5th, 2009 in Moses Lake, Washington. If you are interested in joining our camp, or simply want more information, we have set up a mailing list for organization and logistics. All are encouraged to subscribe. Those actually intending on being involved with the camp will be expected to join. *grin*

If Notacamp manages to have at least 10 campers, 10% of all of the registration fees will be kicked back to the camp to cover expenses such as group meals, structures, activities, water, supplies and other goodies. We will disclose how the money is allocated once we verify that we have 10 confirmed campers in our group. When registering, please indicate “I’m with Notacamp!”.

Our current plans for the event include:

  • A non-stop caravan from the upper Midwest to the Toorcamp site starting on or before June 30th
  • Live music and PAs throughout the event
  • Amateur radio of all sorts
  • Electronics projects, including LED signs, elwire, and other neat things
  • Community meals exclusively for Notacampers
  • Spreading lots of the Notacon love and showing the folks on the West coast what the heck it is they are missing here in Cleveland!

Toorcamp registration fees are time-based and go up $50 every month until the event. Reserve your tickets with them before the end of April before rates go up!

I hope to see many of you there. If you have any questions about how to participate, what is involved in regards to camping or the event itself, join up and start discussing!

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