Announcing Gringo Warrior

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Mar 212008

What happens when a good time goes bad? Imagine you are traveling south of the border and are kidnapped by criminals intent on extortion. Could you use your wits, stealth, and a hidden set of lockpicks to escape to freedom?

This year at Notacon, The Open Organization of Lockpickers will be running a scenario-based game in which contestants must use picking skills to free themselves from evil captors in under five minutes.

The course will offer a variety of locks representing a range of difficulty, allowing participation by people of all skill levels. Points will be awarded based on the time of completion as well as the difficulty of locks attempted. Big fun for all involved and a super-kickass prize for the winner…. come and have fun being a Gringo Warrior!

Check out Gringo Warrior and all the other Notacon events on the Games, Events and Performances page.

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